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2021.09.19 19:37 just-a_user All 17 images of GAN 12!

All of GAN 12
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2021.09.19 19:37 WolfilaTotilaAttila Never forget in what state Empire was left.

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2021.09.19 19:37 habberlabber Trying to repair Monitor power delivery board advise needed. More info in comments!

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2021.09.19 19:37 acnh_kiwi All my custard creams keep breaking and it makes me sad

Its so much effort to get them out the packet the top biscuit keeps falling off them all 😪😪😪😪
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2021.09.19 19:37 Dismal-Fan-4716 ( Spoiler Extended ) I don't get why people ship Jon snow with Dany and Sansa

Jon/Dany and Jon/Sansa are popular ships in the fandom, but I never got that these two ever had romantic connections in the books.
I feel like people ship Jon and Dany because they want the typical 'good guy' couple, who will save the world. With the so called romance because of the title of the series 'A Song Of Ice And Fire'.
I admit, I never got R+L=J because of it, why make Jon both ice and fire when he can just simply be ice. Is it wrong that I think that people are putting Dany so that Jon can have more of the traditional hero role that people want, despite the series being a deconstruction of the fantasy genre in many ways. Some ship them because they look good together, I don't get it ? Jon is basically a clone of Eddard Stark when it comes to looks, an Usurpers dog in Dany's eyes. And not only that, take their types and interests in romantic partners. Jon isn't Dany's type, and Dany represents everything that Ygritte hated.
Jon/Sansa never made sense to me, they weren't that close growing up but Sansa warms to him after many trials in her life. I feel like people are using the excuse that Jon is a targaryen and that fine, their cousins so its fine and their character arcs are going full circle. Jon and Arya were closer than Sansa, because she truly loved him with all her heart and him too. Jon misses Arya the most and mentions Sansa last when it comes to his POVs. I never got any romantic connections from reading the books at all, same thing with Sansa. I can't see a romantic relationship but rather a privileged sibling that latter grew up to learn about sufferings and matured and is no longer living in a fairy tale world, and is now a humbler person as a result.
Hence I don't get why so many fans ship Jon snow with Dany and Sansa, despite the contrary.
But I think the woman that Jon will romance is Val the wildling, a character which was removed from the TV show :
Because Val has chemistry with Jon because she has established connections with him, Jon likes her and has a slight crush on her. And Val flirts and plays with Jon, and even Ghost liked her with Jon commenting that they belong together. She symbolisms what Jon truly wants in his heart, he wanted Winterfell when he was young, when grown up he was ashamed because it meant taking Robbs right. With Val he can have Winterfell, hence a dilemma that Jon faces within his heart on the things that he wanted or the honorable thing to do.
Ps: I read the books before I watched the show, and even then I only watched a few early episodes before I dropped off.
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2021.09.19 19:37 echewta Comedian Kate Willet (Netflix, Colbert, Comedy Central) performing live at JJ's Bohemia Wednesday 9/22. Another non-smoking show! 9pm.

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2021.09.19 19:37 locogambla 13 point teaser plays

13 pt teaser play (mybookie)
Cleve- 1/2
Pitts+7 1/2
Buff +9 1/2

$1000 to win $769

Carol un 58
Hou ov 35 1/2
Pitt un 59 1/2
Buff un 61

$1000 to win $769


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2021.09.19 19:37 SladeWilson62 When someone takes your main and leaves match early, but you still win alone

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2021.09.19 19:37 13aracus [PC] Slow mouse speed on full-screen

Mouse speed is unhindered in windowed and borderless, but once in full, it feels like the dpi is nonexistent. The only time mouse speed is an issue, is with fullscreen enabled and in the menu or settings when you have mouse control. Anyone has had this issue and/or fixed it?
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2021.09.19 19:37 EngineerofBS Is there a way to make leather looked aged?

For example, if you want paper to look aged you can soak it in tea. Is there an equivalent method to make leather look aged with out compromising its strength?
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2021.09.19 19:37 LandryP If only someone could invent some sort of bag or pouch attached to a loop or... belt...? A... Pack...on my waist? My fanny?

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2021.09.19 19:37 bebaps123 Does anyone have a clue what team this could be?

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2021.09.19 19:37 _Lielanthris One of the calico barn cats from my parents farm with a Boer meat goat.

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2021.09.19 19:37 TessaBissolli RR, Lamprey & the USS Gideon.

This one has never sat right with me. The whole thing is nonsensical.

  1. The USS Gideon incident was in March of 1990.
  2. The USS Gideon changed coordinates 2 days before the attack, supposedly because of weather conditions.
  3. There was a communiqué which was intercepted. For it to be taken seriously, it had to have been timely, meaning intercepted at the time of the Gideon affair, not months or weeks later, as a framing would imply. In it, Lamprey indicated the coordinates had changed, and sent the new ones.
  4. RR was the ONLY officer who supposedly knew where the submarine was at the time.
  5. Supposedly the Gideon is torpedoed.
  6. RR disappears in late December of 1990, supposedly on his way to his wife and daughter for Christmas. There had been no indication that he had been suspected or investigated for the USS Gideon.

The U.S.S. Gideon was an Ohio-class submarine sunk by the Soviet Navy while on a secret mission in the Barents Sea. 134 men were on board. They all died.
You say it was a secret mission. How did the Soviet Navy find out about it?
Because Raymond Reddington told them.
Was the defendant the only one who knew about the mission?
Raymond Reddington was one of 16 people who were aware of it. 12 Naval officers and four CIA operatives on the Russia desk.
If 16 people were aware of the mission, how can you be sure the defendant was the informant?
Two days before the sub was attacked, the Gideon's captain changed course to avoid weather. The change was communicated to an intelligence officer who was assigned to the mission. He was the only one of the 16 who knew the coordinates of the sub on the day in question.
Who was that intelligence officer?
Raymond Reddington.
So, the defendant was the only one who knew the location of the submarine. That doesn't prove he told the Russians how to find it. Why are you so certain that he did?
Because a secure KGB communiqué we intercepted indicated that Raymond Reddington provided the Russians with the exact coordinates where the submarine was torpedoed. "Lamprey indicates target diverted. Prior intel no longer actionable. New coordinates received."
Are you familiar with the code name "Lamprey"?
Yes. "Lamprey" was the code name the KGB assigned to Raymond Reddington.

2 + 2 should have had the CIA, the US Naval Intelligence and the FBI pouring over Raymond Reddington like ants in a picnic, the day AFTER that submarine was torpedoed.
If RR was the ONLY person who knew the coordinates AND the sub was torpedoed AND a communiqué was intercepted, AND LAMPREY WAS KNOWN TO BE RR, THEN the solution was clear: RR was a traitor.
Let us remove the shaky element in that phrase That the US knew who Lamprey was AT the time of the attack, and see what we have left:
If RR was the ONLY person who knew the coordinates AND the sub was torpedoed AND a communiqué was intercepted, THEN the first person who would be the suspect would be the ONLY officer who knew where the sub was.
For the role of traitor, or the role of patsy, or a line to find "Lamprey". For certain, RR would have been removed from active duty and investigated throughly.
EVERY contact, every one of his accounts, his movements, his relationships. But nobody seem to have done so.
In fact, if we look at things, the WIFE, Carla Reddington, told Liz exactly that:
They accused me of being a part of it. Somehow, I was a suspect. Put my life under a-a microscope. Every call, e-every charge. My assets were … I finally convinced them I was innocent.
The WIFE of RR was at some point, investigated for treason or for being a spy, but not RR. We THINK that happened after RR disappeared.
But for RR, for the rest of 1990, he continues about his business, a decorated officer, a rising star, right until his disappearance, 9 months later.
His supposed affair of years with a Russian spy is not discovered, nor the child he has with such woman.
A woman and a child who, according to the Nachalo story, had spent time in his Takoma Park house.
A child who had been in the Reddington Summer house in Rehoboth Beach, enough times for Jennifer Reddington to remember her, as Jennifer's comment about the "20 steps to the sand" shows:
JENNIFER: The ocean, the air. It all smells the same. The house we rented was right - There.
LIZ: 20 steps to the sand.
JENNIFER: You remember.
As Carla Reddington's questions to Red (in private) shows she knew who Liz was and had an interest in Liz, in what Liz knew and when would Liz be told something, and knows that Red working with her is a feat worth mentioning:
I kept my end of the bargain didn't say anything about you or Elizabeth. How much does she know?
RED: Very little.
A-are the [Sighs] Are the two of you, what, working together? I don't even want to know how you pulled that off.
and then when they said goodbye, her last words to Red are about Liz:
When are you gonna tell her?

And the Sheriff's lack of interest in a second Reddington girl shows, so we can suppose he knew about a second girl in that beach house.
So, one of you called claiming to be Red Reddington's kid?!
Hi. Yeah. Are you Martin Donnelly?
Hi. I'm Jennifer. This is my sister, Elizabeth.
Let us put all this into perspective. The supposed affair lasted OVER FIVE years, from the moment RR met Katarina, she got pregnant, the pregnancy time, and Liz was 4 years old at the time of the fire, which we know was around Christmas time, so likely, almost 5 years old.
Liz had been to the Rehoboth Beach house, both Carla Reddington AND Jennifer Reddington seem to remember Liz. Liz seem to have had a level of connection to RR to be upset during the fire and to be calling him "Daddy". Such behavior could only come from frequent and prolonged contact with him.

The idea that RR was not interrogated and investigated when the Gideon was torpedoed in the location only he knew about is ludicrous.
The idea that only AFTER he disappeared was this considered is ludicrous.
Let us consider another angle. The USS Gideon is on a secret mission, with 16 people monitoring it. RR and other 11 Naval officers, and 4 CIA officers on the Russia desk.
Supposedly, the USS Gideon's Captain has to change coordinates, TWO DAYS BEFORE it was torpedoed. HOW do we know this?
Because the Captain told someone. That someone was RR, who DID not tell the rest of them for 2 days?
What does this accomplish? Making himself the only possible suspect, protecting the rest of the 15 other people who were on that mission from suspicion. If they did not know about this, then they cannot possibly have anything to do with it.
Are you already smelling the charade? I am.
Let us look at this from the POV of the US Navy, who learns of a communiqué about some target diverted, and someone telling the KGB about it.
"Lamprey indicates target diverted. Prior intel no longer actionable. New coordinates received."
Normal course of action? Inquire from EVERY ship and every submarine if they had to change positions, move AGAIN all those who did AND Investigate leaks for traitors attached to vessels who had changed positions.
But the US Navy did NOTHING of the sort. including not investigating who the heck Lamprey was. Because if they had, they would have clamped on RR and his Russian mistress like a bear to a bee hive.
UNLESS, we see this as a US Navy counterintelligence charade, like the Greyscape 17, in which instead of trying to stop the Chinese and the thief they hired to steal classified information, had instead CREATED a fake plane that could not possibly fly, and tricked Sutton Ross into stealing it, thus delaying the Chinese, and having THEM hand over Sutton Ross to the Americans.
The US may, or may not have had a submarine there. This sub may or may not have moved. But if a traitor was suspected, or a leak was suspected, what better way to smoke the traitor than with a fake move, in which the sub is now supposed to be where is not, and then confirmed when a communiqué is intercepted, for a submarine that is not there.
This would had isolated the source. Close to RR. And what happened when the Russian Navy tried to torpedoed a submarine that was not there? Lamprey was compromised.
Because there was no other explanation why RR, the ONLY one knowing the coordinates, would sit on this information for 2 days, while a secure classified communiqué was intercepted, advising the Russians of a target diverted. Only if this was exactly the objective. Compromise Lamprey and have the Russians go after the traitor or spy and compromise him or her.
The USS Gideon might have existed, but my bet is that it was ALWAYS a charade. A charade to catch a traitor, or a spy.
A plane that could never fly, a submarine that was not there.
Didn't he steal R&D on a stealth fighter for China?
A defective stealth fighter called the Grayscape Seventeen. The Navy knew Ross was working for China, so they made sure he stole plans for a plane that couldn't fly, and when it crashed, China blamed Ross, turned him over to the feds, who issued an arrest warrant, and Ross disappeared.

Now, let us review the money trail.

A month before the incident, a corporate account was opened in a Cypriot bank known to work with Soviet intelligence. The only person with the power to withdraw funds was the company president.... Raymond Reddington.
I'm sure many accounts were opened in the weeks prior to the tragedy of the Gideon. What makes you think the activity in this account was connected to it?
Because a front company for the KGB wired $3 million into the account a day before the incident, and another $3 million the day after it. One week later, the entire amount was withdrawn.
By Reddington?
Yes. Using fingerprints and a password.
So, we have either a real account, opened by RR, in a bank working with Soviet intelligence, in order to accomplish some covert counterintelligence operation, such as paying informants, etc.
We have the structure that WOULD eventually frame RR as a traitor if need be.
RR was a man considered by Anton Velov, a Colonel in the KGB associated with sleeper, illegals and informants, the greatest enemy of the KGB, so NOT a man from whom a successful spy had been "syphoning" information from for years, which would be a useful idiot.
IF anything, it tells me that RR had been making a fool of the KGB spy sent to steal classified information from him.
Lamprey would be in hot water then.
It seems to me like this account was part of the plan to frame him if need be. The banks had never known him, he did not need to show up to retrieve the money.
Something that we HAVE heard, from Ilya's memories: "We devised a plan to steal the money used to frame Reddington and disappear."
In the Rassvet tale we have Katarina telling Ilya about this:
You don't think we had plans in place to destroy him if he ever found out that he was sleeping with the enemy?
ILYA: Of course they did.
Money in secret accounts. Paper trails of payoffs. Passports in safety-deposit boxes, evidence that I didn't steal his secrets, but that he shared them with me.
ILYA: Alternate history.
From the trial testimony:
When Reddington discovered this, he confronted Rostova, who warned him that if he threatened to expose them, the Cabal would destroy his reputation, discrediting him so he could not discredit them. And that's what happened. With the help of the Cabal, Rostova framed Reddington with the very evidence you've heard in this courtroom. To prevent him from protecting his country, she made it appear as if he had betrayed it
So, no matter what it SEEMS, this Gideon affair may have been a charade, a coverup, or something different. If it was a counterintelligence operation, then it was not something known to the Navy in general, but a very secret operation.
And that would explain why Admiral Richard Abraham, RR's roommate would give Red MORE classified information.
The USS Gideon may have been a charade that became a reality when the narrative of a traitor was needed to keep RR's family safe:
RED: In 1990, the KGB and the CIA had almost nothing in common except the mutual determination to hunt down one individual.
Ignore Jennifer believing this is Red. We do not see his answer. He could have nodded, assenting, or shook his head, dissenting.
RED: Being a fugitive from American law enforcement is a lot easier than being a fugitive from the two most powerful nations on Earth. And anyone close to a target of theirs becomes a target themselves.
RED: Especially family.
Let us suppose that the bank account could have been part of that structure by the KGB to frame RR if necessary. So, there is this bank account, which RR had never seen, and from where money can be wired in and out with a password and his fingerprints, easily obtainable by anyone with access to him, like his coworkers, his mistress, his wife, even a coffee shop where he has his morning coffee.
Let us say the KGB wire the money THINKING they are framing RR. Since he does not know about the account their money is safe.
THEY DO IT A DAY BEFORE, so after RR has received a change of coordinates and then a day after the attack, the other half is wired. So, it would seem that the KGB had believed they had destroyed a nuclear submarine and they were framing RR for it.
But if this was meant to frame RR, that money should have been left in that account. So, who took it a week later?
What we have, is Lamprey. Lamprey is then a KGB operative or spy. Could be a traitor if he/she is American, or Lamprey could have been a sleeper spy, an illegal.
But once the charade is done, Lamprey has been exposed as a traitor or sleeper, and the KGB knows Lamprey is either exposed, or has been a traitor all along.
Lamprey is of no more use to the Russians, he or she is burned. Either way, the CIA is after Lamprey for espionage, and the KGB is after Lamprey for being compromised. And a week later, the whole $6 million disappears from the account. The money ACTUALLY used to frame RR.
sounds familiar?
"In 1990, the KGB and the CIA had almost nothing in common except the mutual determination to hunt down one individual."
"Both sides are tracking me down. "
"Katarina was a traitor to two countries, both global superpowers."
Lamprey was never RR. Lamprey was someone else, someone close to RR: Fakerina, Katarina or Carla Reddington.
Red BECAME the traitor RR to protect the person chased by the KGB and the CIA, "Katarina Rostova".
Eventually the KGB drops a token on Katarina Rostova with the Osterman Umbrella Company, and this ahas nothing to do with a supposed unidentified-13 agent. This is specific for her. Velov, an KGB Colonel associated with illegals, sleepers and informants, was hunting one of theirs he had never met.
We have a KGB spy, Lamprey, who has been compromised. We have a bag of money seen in the hands of a Katarina Rostova in a motel room.
But once they were chasing "Katarina Rostova", and if they were two of them, and the Russians did not know anything about, then BOTH would be in trouble.
The enemies of one are the enemies of both.
The concept of bilocation is appealing even if not without consequence.
And ONE woman was interrogated, suspected of being a spy. A woman close to RR, his wife.
I had a life, you know? My daughter had a life with a house and a dog. And then I woke up one day….
You can't imagine what it's like to have a man like Raymond Reddington turn your life upside down.
They accused me of being a part of it. Somehow, I was a suspect. Put my life under a-a microscope every call, e-every charge. My assets were …
I finally convinced them I was innocent.
They said I had to go, give up everything. I remember it was a Wednesday afternoon. My daughter wasn't even out of school yet. And by Thursday, we were in Philadelphia, fending for ourselves.
A woman who then enters Witness Protection. Meaning she provided testimony or evidence that RR was the traitor Lamprey, even if this may have been a charade.
and this double charade protected Carla Reddington.
Was Lamprey Carla Reddington? Who took that money? Who took the actual money used to frame Raymond Reddington?
If we are to believe Ilya's memories, it has been him and a "Katarina Rostova":
"We devised a plan to steal the money used to frame Reddington and disappear."
and we SEE one of them, in a motel room, with a suitcase full of money:
and then what happened to SOME or ALL of this money?
We see one of the Katarinas, going to meet Lena Volkova, a woman who had been living in the USA for a while, without much of an accent, and who does not even look too happy to SEE Katarina there, been given a suitcase of money.
and next thing we know, Anton Velov, a Colonel in the KGB without any position to conduct an investigation officially, learns of a sighting of a woman who is not a fugitive in the US, not a wanted person, and not easily recognizable with the hair up, a hat and big glasses.
who could have tipped him?
Lena Volkova, Katarina herself or Ilya.
So, was that bag of money to protect Lena, or was it to buy her silence? Was that tearful scene one of the lies of Rassvet?
Because that woman told her new husband, she had a estranged daughter, and that estrangement had been a cause of regret. But perhaps she had betrayed her. Told Velov where to find Katarina, or at least, gave him a starting point.
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Thank you
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2021.09.19 19:37 LeoIrish15 Admins of this sub are motherfuckers!!

I remember when this sub has 200k subscribers back in 2017-18 it is super active but now with 2.4m+ members it is almost dead because of the mods.
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2021.09.19 19:37 notmeatall150 Awful handwriting?

I have awfully bad handwriting, was interested how this would do in recognising it? Will it learn my handwriting or will I need to make tons of corrections?
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