My reply if elders or any JW asked if I took the vaccine.

2021.09.19 18:07 Andy_Sandoval My reply if elders or any JW asked if I took the vaccine.

I have prepared an answer if any JW asks me about why I haven't taken the vaccine.
I will tell them that J.F. Rutherford was told by Angel's that vaccines are evil, will never prevent any disease and is a violation of gods covenant with Noah.
Since Rutherford was personally chosen by Michael the Archangel in 1919 to be his representative and spokesman on earth, my conscience does not allow me to disobey him as he received his information from Angel's.
Anyone saying that vaccines prevent or has eradicated diseases such as smallpox and polio is really being deceived by Satan. I refuse to believe Rutherford was wrong because if I did, my conscience would conclude that the whole Watchtower Organization is just another cult with delusional self assuming leaders and I will never accept that dammitt!!
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2021.09.19 18:07 cm_od This is embearrassing

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2021.09.19 18:07 Veilwinter [FN] Blessings of Statera

(Co-written with u/Outfmymind. Bold is from u/Outfmymind, regular is from me... A slice of life fantasy story that is fairly short. Mores is the owner of the Eagle's Nest tavern in the small hamlet of Azurefield and a special visitor is about to visit...)
"Giiirlll, have you any idea where your good for nothing brother is this morning?" Mores shouted out his window as soon as he spots Willow in the backyard. The morning was crisp. Already the cock had crowed and the sun was already creeping up over the hills.
"if I pay him for the day, the day starts at sunrise."
"Yes, Mores! Yes, I'll get him!" Willow yelled back, worried. Her brother was beginning to be a nuisance, but the excitement over recent events overshadowed any negative feeling she had. She ran off over the cobblestone streets to fetch him.
Mores looked out his window and found the new church. From his second story window, he saw the steeple catching the rising sun. it stood over the fields like a loving master.
Its black stone top gave it a very prominent look. He was happy to see more and more additions to the town he grew up in. A church meant more settlers and more passerbys.
Soon, he saw Willow dragging her yawning brother to the Eagle's Nest - Mores' inherited home. For a boy named 'Stoic' he sure was irresponsible.
"Boy, girl: Get the kiln started.”
"All right, Mores, keep your pants on,” Stoic yawned.
"Stoic!" Willow said harshly. Willow stood up straight and saluted.
Mores threw an angry look at Stoic and a gentle gaze at Willow. “We have to finish the baking faster than before, because I have an errand for you two to run." Mores said.
Willow and Stoic threw coal on the fire and managed it until there was a warm glow coming from the kitchen. Willow ran back.
"What can we do for you, Mores?" Willow asked. Stoic, disinterested, peeked around the corner.
They got to work: there was a bigger batch to produce today. Once the dough was rolled, bunned and placed into trays, Mores beckoned them over. He handed them four silver coins and asked them to head over to Belin the Tailor.
"Don't argue with him boy, he has nothing close to my patience. The bishop is coming today: it is a big day for all of Azurefield. Clean yourself and make yourself look presentable"
Willow gasped and hugged her employer for the bonus and the care he showed. "Mores! Thank you!"
Stoic sighed. "Thanks, Mores."
"Run along, kids."
The two teenagers set off down the road while the first guest came down for breakfast. It was a Stateran priest from Slumberbreeze - Mores hadn't caught his name.
"Barkeep, any eggs this morning?" He yawned. He had on his light blue robes already.
"My good sir, how would you like to take them?"
The priest scratched his thin beard. "Hardboiled, I suppose. ...So, Azurefield is finally done with its little church?" The priest said it dismissively, as though it were a barn.
"Yes sir, fifteen long years it took. The mountain wind makes it difficult to do construction work."
Soon, other guests started filling in the tavern. The priest took the eggs as soon as they were presented to him. He nodded, and made a little face. "I'm sure the bishop will find it acceptable."
"I hope so too sir: the village is in high spirits. It is the big deal for all of us."
Within the hour the little tavern was bulging at the seams. Willow, just in time, ran in - she was in a beautiful light blue dress: reminiscent of priestly robes. She squeezed in the front door, between two burly patrons waiting for their morning beers.
"Mores! MORES! Can I help?!"
Soon her brother followed. He was dressed in a buttoned white blouse, ruffles on the sleeves - a proper-looking young man - he was even standing straighter.
"Let me look at you two. Such a princely demeanor! I want you to attend to guests but don't go out mouthing them for anything. I have asked Pewtr to come help with the Inn today just incase there are some unruly customers. You two have to present Eagle's Nest as an establishment for kings."
Mores had to nearly scream over the noise of customers chatting, asking for more mead, and the rattle of an army of carriages outside.
Soon, Pewtr - Moore's nephew on his sister's side - ran in the door.
"Mores? MORES?!"
Pewtr was thin: great for fetching orders and slipping around customers. Pewtr was a clever lad: and only 14! He had assembled a band of friends to help with luggage. Mores busied himself in the kitchen: pouring drinks and directing his army like a general until he heard a great commotion outside.
"Stoic, mind the kiln, I need to go out,” He yelled as he started pacing out the kitchen door at the side.
Stoic sighed. "All right!" he yelled back.
There was a gaggle of people running past, including Mayor Theane who presently ran up to Mores. Theane was a plump, kindly man with thinning red hair and a bright blue sash.
"Mores, Mores, the bishop!" he said, out of breath. "The bishop is coming!" This is the moment.
"Is everything ready? Of course it is, of course it is," the short man huffed. "The- the bishop will be staying at MY abode, by the way, Mores."
Mores had been dreaming of a day when Azurefield is going to go in the list of an actual hamlet and not just a village you pass by.
Theane slowed down and noticed the glint in his old friend's eyes. "This is the day, my dear friend."
Mores nods at Theane. "My friend, the lords be smiling on us. Tonight we will have the happiest wine of our whole lives. Help me welcome the Bishop, introduce us."
Theane smiled so broadly that a little tear made itself known in the corner of his kind eyes. "Of course. Remember, she is a saint as well. Antisha saved that entire town - The proper monicker is 'Beloved'."
Up the cobbled main street came a phalanx of armored men and women, light blue banners flying high. Up the road, she came: Saint Antisha, Bishop of the West. She seemed somewhat ordinary: a young woman with long raven hair in light blue robes. She almost glided across the ground. But then Mores saw it, along with the entire hamlet:
Above her head was what seemed like a circlet of dew drops, sparkling softly in the bright sunlight - the sign of a saint, a Beloved of the Goddess of Balance, Statera. She walked up to Theane and set her hand gently on his shoulder. Theane gulped almost audibly.
“My beloved Antisha, we are proud to welcome you to Azurefield.”
Antisha lowered her head and whispered something to Theane. Theane dropped to his knees, covering his eyes and weeping. Antisha knelt beside him and helped him to his feet - his eyes were stained with tears. He wiped them away on his sleeve, having been transformed into an innocent child in her presence. Theane smiled and gestured to Mores.
She turned toward him and in her deep blue eyes, Mores could feel something he hadn’t felt in years.
Mores felt different today- since the moment he got up. He was feeling generous and uplifted which he thought was because of the coin he was going to make. He was wrong. It was the light of the beloved that had reached him even before she did. He understood it when her eyes gazed upon him.
He took a deep breath and bowed in respect.
"Hello," she said sweetly. Her voice carried on the wind gently. "I am Antisha. What's your name, my friendly tavernkeep?"
"Beloved Antisha, healer of wounds of body, heart and mind. Your kindness spreads joy through every land that you move through. Let me try to express some of the gratitude today. Let me host you at my lively Inn, it may not suit the divinity of her ladyship but you'll find that all the heart of Azurefields have poured their love into it."
The crowd gasped. Had Mores earned the right to offer his tavern to someone as holy as her? Antisha giggled lightly.
"I am Mores Olleris, Son of Yashiv Olleris."
"Of course, Mores. I would be honored."
the town let out a collective sigh of relief.
Mores looked up, he didn’t feel the need to yell out to Stoic or willow. He calmly looked over at them and beckoned Willow over.
Willow, aghast with her mouth open, was still at the door. Mores could tell she was overwhelmed. Even Stoic was there, on his knees - mouth agape.
The rest of the tavern made way for her. She was a bright light in the little town. Perhaps too bright?
"Your Grace, this lovely young woman will be your shadow for your entire stay here, let her serve you. Her name is Willow."
The bishop was bright. If you looked in her direction your eyes will lose away all focus on everything else but her. Antisha's eyes held a portion of Statera's love. But even a portion would have been a banquet.
"You are very kind, my dear Mores."
Willow stood, held in the beatific calm of Antisha. "I- I am Willow, my Beloved Antisha."
She found herself cowering behind Mores.
"Let us look at the new church, my new friends," Antisha said.
The tavern was so quiet they could hear everything she said. Antisha glided out and the town - like a huge army of doves - followed their beloved to the respite of Balance, the new church at Azurefield.
It was silent as they followed her: even prayers would have broken the heavenly silence.
Eventually though, there was chatting. Karvosh the mason put his burly hand on More's shoulder. "Statera, I'm afraid, Mores. This is a saint... What do I do? What is she like?"
"Karvosh, my friend, I've seen you toil over this since I was 15. The harsh winters didn't befall any harm on your constitution, you're as strong as they come. Don't be in fear of her grace's presence. Meeting her is like meeting Mother Statera herself. Let her light embrace you and reward you for your endless labor."
Karvosh wiped away a tear. "You should have been a bard, my friend."
"Maybe in a few years,” Mores winks at him as Lady Antisha entered.
The front of the church belied the beauty of its interior. The town had spent nearly all of its funds sending away for artists, and here was the proof. The marble columns that Karvosh had made were encircled with tender vines of gold. At the pulpit was a magnificent painting of Statera's ascension. The light through the pane-glass windows threw the pews into a riot of purples, greens, and yellows. Antisha slowly entered: reverence in every step.
It still felt like a dream. Out of respect for Karvos, he had never stepped in to get a sneak peek. A craftsman's respect for another. Now seeing it for the first time in the presence of true grace he feels transported somewhere far far away from the quiet and mundane Azurefield.
He looked at her again. Certainly such beauty cannot simply be human. Statera must have touched her in some way. Mores had forgotten to breathe, and almost magically was noticed by Antisha herself she half turned her face and kept on walking.
At the first pillar, Antisha's hand alighted upon a golden vine and ran her long fingers delicately upon it.
Her steps were as light as leaves falling. There was a holiness here. A place for the common milkmaid or barhand to ask for divinity.
Antisha approached the pulpit - stern marble in front of a throne meant for Statera's return. Again, she alighted her thin hand upon it, enjoying the frescoes that had been carved. She turned and the crowd gasped. Each of them could feel her gaze, as though she was looking at them. Mores felt the tug of Willow, who had still been following him.
Mores kept his eyes fixed on Kavros. Little surprise that he met the face of a man with tears glistening down his face.
Willow was clinging to his arm, overcome. Karvos too had put his hand on Mores for comfort. Mores knew what Kavros was feeling. It was joy.
Karvos, the old man with the scraggly beard and tight fist, broke into tears.
"Why do you weep so, my beloved Mason?" Antisha said across the church, her voice echoing off the marble ceiling.
Karvos fell to his knees, his hand on Mores' shoulder still.
"Does it meet your gaze, Beloved Antisha?" Karvos said, gulping.
Slowly, Antisha glided back to the entrance. The audience was no longer afraid. A flower from fields of Elysium had graced them and they were part of the harvest. Antisha knelt down to meet Karvos and held his weeping face in her hands.
"This place is more than enough. More than holy. Holy hands have worked here. Holy generations will ask for grace here."
Hearing that, even Mores started tearing up.
Theane had invited Antisha, Mores, Karvos and Belin for supper, and so they walked to the mayor's mansion on the hill while the rest of the town continued touring the church. Theane had set up a banquet, but it was difficult to talk to Antisha. She looked at the wine selection.
"Veilwinter wine, my lord?" She asked hesitantly. Theane beamed.
"Only the finest for you, Beloved Antisha."
Antisha took a sip and nodded. "Excellent, of course." Mores noted a hesitancy as she drank, but all was well - and all would be well, he hoped.
Mores looks forward to what would be a plentiful year. Kavrosh had accepted Theane's request of starting tutelage for young uns and Antisha offered him one hundred gold coins as a gift for such fine work.
Eagle's Nest has a Shiny new board along the highway. The name painted in bright red with a sub text "Blessed by Beloved Antisha herself"
He was not prepared to let Willow go, but she seemed too excited at the prospect of working under Her Ladyship's personal Kitchen and cook. Bright girl that she was, maybe she belonged next to Antisha’s divinity.
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2021.09.19 18:07 maybedisneyvacation [MDV] How to stop your children's friends from coming over to your house
Original Post
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2021.09.19 18:07 euniegaspar 200+ tracks of latest indie folk, folk, acoustic tunes to start your day. Updated regularly.

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2021.09.19 18:07 LilGoughy How do I get white teeth?

I have been brushing consistently twice a day and using mouthwash etc etc. But they just won’t go white. When I google it’s always just same old “brush twice a day” stuff.
I’ve been working on my body for a while now and teeth is the one thing that I just can’t get right. Anyone know what I need to do?
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2021.09.19 18:07 smortandtoit Developer (Ilford MG) potency in open trays

Two days ago I did darkroom printing for the first time. I decided to leave the chemicals in trays to test if they would work beyond the stated 24hrs in open trays (Ilford MG developer). They seemed to work fully 48hrs later. My question is: could older chemicals affect the process (me choosing exposure times based on the results of an old developer) in a way that makes future prints with new developer come out different? In that case, the process wouldn't be replicable due to a changing variable (developer age and potency) if I choose the make the same print again later. Thanks!
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2021.09.19 18:07 dyke-o-matic Had a dream about an ex-close friend

I cant remember how it started. All i know is she was acting like the past few months didnt happen and all i could think was 'why are you forgiving me now?'
She ghosted our entire (small) friend group a couple months ago over stupid arguments citing us being a detriment to her mental health. A couple weeks ago she reached out saying she wanted to try talking to us again but when i told her how the situation made me feel she pretty much told me to fuck off and never speak to her again.
The dream consisted of us hanging out alone in my room (which rarely happened in the first place- we almost always hung out in a group) just doing whatever. She was complimenting my room cause i just rennovated and just being. Overly nice.
We used to be really close and good friends, like, this is what id expect to happen a year ago. Not now.
I just dont know how to feel about it. I feel like maybe my subconscious is trying to keep her in the good light while everything thats happened between us within one week ruined it for me. I felt completely betrayed when she wouldnt listen to my feelings on the situation. What should i make of this dream? Its really the first time ive dreamed of her as far as i can recall.
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Keeper of the old lords
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2021.09.19 18:07 Altruistic-Clue-3714 Hey you Enfj, are you interested in getting to know a Intp , 26 , male? Are you looking for commitment, and love, and someone to learn with? Invite me to chat privately with you.

26, my name is Vincent, enjoys reading, intellectual conversations, high standards for myself, understanding, as well as patient. Lives with my grandma ( im taking care of here because she has dementia) it is taking a toll 9n me emotionally seeing her like that but I'm being strong. If your interested by what you've read reply don't hesitate ill respond.
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2021.09.19 18:07 throwbacktous1 My Desk

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2021.09.19 18:07 Faizan_17 My top ten Pop Smoke songs in no specific order. W?

44 Bulldog
Brush Em
Something Special
Make It Rain
Got It On Me
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2021.09.19 18:07 BasedGCM [EU-PT][H] Paypal [W] Starlight 12, Viper mini paracorded, S2-C paracorded

Like in the title im looking to buy both viper mini and s2c modded already. Bonus if they have after market skates.
Also looking to buy starlight medium. Preference on zeus and hades.
Pm me thanks.
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2021.09.19 18:07 SomewhereDependent43 $PACE MERGER WITH NERDY

I think this is a good play. I done a lot of research and watched a lot of videos. I was wondering, Tuesday morning under the new ticker, $NRDY, what price do y’all think it would be at? I seen on post months ago saying $25-$35. Let’s talk about it.
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2021.09.19 18:07 ninjamouse2099 I need help. My girlfriend has been struggling and I dont know what I can do to help.

She is studying for a scholarship for japan but shes been stuck in brazil for a long while because japan has been on state of emergency for 6 mos. The pandemic has been making her depressed and shes been thinking about her fulfillments and finances. She decided to quit her career because she didnt love her work. But now she thinks that she made a mistake and she is now stuck and she thinks its wasting her time and money. I dont know what to do because I understand what she feels but I dont want her to give up on the scholarship she only has 1.5 years left and she wants to go immerse herself in japan. What can I do to at least help?
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2021.09.19 18:07 nexter2nd First mantis I’ve seen this year

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2021.09.19 18:07 AydenRodriguez found at a thrift store

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2021.09.19 18:07 -HoldingCell- TALES of ARISE Walkthrough Part 14 - Dinner with Dohalim (No Commentary) PS5

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2021.09.19 18:07 DoxxingAngels felt like i was seeing santa 💀

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2021.09.19 18:07 Crystalo_o [17/M] Looking for people around my age to game and chat with

Hi, I am new to Reddit. I am just going to write whatever comes to my mind.
1) All my friends are ignoring me (both IRL and online - discord). Why? well, they have closer connections with other people :I .
2) Things I do? Play games, go outside and blast my ears with music! :0, chatting on discord, get lost in my thoughts. For some reason I get almost zero school work,
3) I can be very clingy sometimes
4) I am INTP , 8w7 and a libra (idrc about this lmao 😂)
5) I hate people who just leave you after a day so I need long-term friendships please! Also hate boring people haha
6) Please don't be too far from my age D:
I have a pc and a xbox one and I really need new games!.
I am not good with ending things so idk how to end this paragraph ;pp
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