Has anyone done the International Research Experience For Students (IRES) program?

2021.09.19 19:28 PakiMan10 Has anyone done the International Research Experience For Students (IRES) program?

Hey, guys I am a pre-med junior and I am thinking about applying to my schools's IRES program for Summer 2022. The problem is that I am also applying for med school in the summer of 2022. However, the trip is from May to June but I plan to take the MCAT in April and to submit my application in June (probably while I'm in another country).
Do you think this is a good idea traveling internationally in the summer of the application season? Do you guys have any experience?
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2021.09.19 19:28 HorticultureHarry Have one of those shake co2 bottles in an 8 x 4 tent with 12 plants in early veg. will i..

give them co2 toxicity? if so what will that look like?
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2021.09.19 19:28 iaa007123 Cake decorating wizard

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2021.09.19 19:28 johnsoc3 Found in our yard in [Santa Fe, NM], maybe two feet long, any ideas?

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2021.09.19 19:28 2ndVitae girlfriend

My girlfriend won’t have sex with me If I use condom, she keeps saying that the pill is safer but I’m really scared now I don’t wanna become a dad at 18. How do I convince her.
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2021.09.19 19:28 RLCD-Bot [Orange Ronin GXT] [D-Fragged] [Slash Beam II] [Apparatus: Inverted]

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2021.09.19 19:28 boss091 If I don't create a wallet before launch, what happens. Just taking my time before I hand over any more information.

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2021.09.19 19:28 Glum-Donkey-1556 Why would i buy the 40 bucks aftermath version?

hello im heavily interested in buying the game because first person is awesome :D

BUT i own the series x and if u buy orld war z cheap and THEN just buy the 20 bucks aftermath upgrade its much cheaper than the 40 bucks aftermath version?

or do i miss something?

also why does it say release is on 21 september? some folks already play
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2021.09.19 19:28 sheluvschrisss how many frost furries can i get for a FR Dalmation?

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2021.09.19 19:28 Lazy_Topic_7376 No Title

I agree, we shouldn’t be together. You went to your committee and sought their approval - instead of talking to me about issues. You poisoned the well, by telling them half truths that painted you as the victim and me as unhinged. And some of your audience were women you also engaged in deceitful behavior. How selfish. There’s no walking that back. You made your bed. A dog bed?
You don’t believe in blindly trusting people, well neither do I. Every time you go silent and leave for weeks, or months at a time, you are engaging with someone else. This is not to be debated anymore. There’s plenty of facts to fill a PPT.
This is who you are. Delilah. Judas.
I should not be expected to take you back, or any man back for that matter, who thinks it’s acceptable behavior to come and go, tell me they love me, and then run off to talk to or sleep with other women. That is not the kind of relationship or love that I deserve.
Now about our dynamic My childhood and subsequent marriage did not lay the best foundation in me for healthy partner selection. My parents were abusive, narcissistic & borderline. My husband was bipolar. I have CPTSD, but thankfully I’m quite aware of what I need to work on at this point in my journey. I’m healing.
I can only offer my observations about you, which are that you are quite insecure, narcissistic and abusive. This is a combination that I’ve experienced more or less repeatedly throughout my relationships. Abusive, manipulative people tend to seek out people pleasing, vulnerable codependents.
Well, I don’t want to do this dance anymore.
So if you need someone to externalize your deep-seated hatred to shore up your self esteem, you’ll have to find another juicy source or two. I can’t anymore.
Sad reflections. I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that it pains me still. Even though I know this is the right decision. The logical decision. The loving decision. There are still moments when I sit alone and daydream of a place. Maybe a cabin in the woods. Like the one we stayed at with the chiminea and outdoor shower. A place where time stops and we just exist. Why? Because I thought I saw in you the same quirky little kid like the one inside of me. The one who just wanted someone to play with. Instead of being left alone to kick rocks.
But I was probably wrong. Hope is still an infliction but I’m learning to let go.
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2021.09.19 19:28 RastaOzey Why mom? Just... why?

My mom just told me she drank a bottle of rum I won at a party because there was nothing to drink. I feel like I'm dying.
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2021.09.19 19:28 JLBesq1981 Chris Rock says he has a breakthrough coronavirus case.

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2021.09.19 19:28 mhsnx1 I need link to watch NFL

Where can i watch NFL online for free
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2021.09.19 19:28 Naya_Detective Covid Vaccination Records

Hey guys! Heres a direct link to get your pocket sized vaccination record in case you needed it. You just need your Alberta Healthcare # and the date of one of your vaccinations. Stay safe.
Covid records
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2021.09.19 19:28 Icy-Package5202 A messy quick sketch.

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2021.09.19 19:28 LilPudz Looking to catalogue upright lockers!!

I'm looking for white, silver and black variants! I can definitely pay you back, I have nmt/bells, star frags, materials, whatever you like!! I'd really appreciate anyone's help ☺️
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2021.09.19 19:28 CostaTirouMeReforma Books recommendations to make me a tactical kung fu ninja assassin

Well. The chances of me ever using small unit tactics, unconventional warfare knowledge or an infographic on how to silently kill a person i saw once on the internet are very small, so i might as well LARP all the way and say what everyone in this sub wants but can't find the right words for.

What are your book recommendations for a tactical kung fu ninja assassin?
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2021.09.19 19:28 TacticusThrowaway "Ship sketch" by AST21 (@Gsh_60_1)

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2021.09.19 19:28 FreeTapir Remembering the time I dated two LDS guys and... they were from the same LDS family. LOL!!

This was two or so years ago now but I wanted to preserve the memory.
I have for most all my life wanted to make my dad happy no matter how much I would hate him at times or how uncomfortable it made me personally.
So even though I went through hell I tried to make it look to him like I was doing what he wanted.
Ultimately it meant I had to force myself to be with an LDS guy (which wasn't hard anyhow because I am sexually attracted to LDS men) BUT the doctrine and logic aspect of it makes me sick in a way that I couldn't ever marry. So it was a game of time. I have often told my mom my life was set up in such a way I couldn't ever be happy and I wasn't ever going to have her grandkids, Id just die by time.
Well I kept hoping that I could find someone who was in my same position!! Someone who didn't buy the church but would go along to see their parents proud. So I am on LDS dating apps and I meet one gent who is polished on the outside but a naughty guy, sort of. Lots of flipping back and forth. Sin/repent rinse and repeat. Which we did. Sin/repent. Rinse and repeat. But we did a lot of non LDS stuff in private together, swearing, coffee, sex, sex shops, watching porn. I loved it. I thought I had a solution FINALLY.
Well he and I were together for about two months. Maybe a little less. He introduces me to his parents. Him, me and other roommates were in the room. Something happened where the topic of swearing came up. His mom said, "I don't think swearing ever ever has a place. Especially the F word! We just don't say it." What a dangerous concept.
I have had exposure to many different cultures. Violent culture across different cultures included. That is dangerous in my opinion. In the military you would sometimes be in an area where there were no police, nothing but the unit and there would be a crazy, violent person who never should have been in the service but got in anyhow. If you got into a disagreement with them and you say "stop it now" vs. "Fucking stop it now dickhead" you would be saying two different things. One said you were a target and the other said you were ready to fight so they would usually back off or a fight would happen right then and maybe discipline by higher rank situation depending. But better to handle it right there in an aggressive fuck you situation vs. a slow boil up to an even worse outcome where crazy violent people do things blinded by secret rage. Most people in the military are good. BUT there are some secret totally insane killers in there...yea, "I don't think swearing ever ever has a place." Because you haven't been exposed to anything. Good for her to have that quality of life. BUT depending on the situation using aggressive words immediately to show you meant fucking business would save your ass from all sorts of bullshit. If you look like a pushover they are going to try to push you over.
Same thing in high school. I was in a school that got a lot of student traffic from Chicago where they would send the "bad kids" to try and help them integrate into a more calm environment. It wasn't the roughest school but full blown, cafeteria wide fist fights would break out at lunch or fist fights in the hallway would occur and if you were ever approached by one of those tough kids you better get ready to tell then to fuck themselves and fight to get your ass kicked as I did once and then just hid. I was TBM and never swore or understood contentious situations and I paid a heavy price for it over the course of my life. Funny because my mom had no problem beating the shit out of her kids.
OK so, I told this lady that swearing is a means of protection and to not ever ever swear was dangerous right to everyone as she went on about how kids should be raised. I told her that once in middle school kids needed to know swearing was ok so they could accurately communicate with kids from other backgrounds. Swearing had other meaning and is almost like another dialect of english. Comparable to British English. They use other words. Some cultures you must get "fuck" to or they won't understand what you are actually feeling. She almost fainted but she needed to know. Everyone there did.
Well that was it and this guy basically said he wasn't someone who doesn't fight with his mom. She was going to be a big problem anyhow. So I was sad to come so close to something but happy to not live a life dealing with her mindless nonsense. I missed him BAAADLY. Then onto dating, trying that same thing again. But I made it even more clear that I was culturally LDS but not doctrinally LDS.
Well I am talking to this guy and his pictures were like far away or with sunglasses and a hat but whatever I could tell he was my type.
So I tell him about me. I tell him I like to have sex before marriage because sexual compatibility is very important to me. He asked me all sort of questions and I told him that I pretty much have never not had sex with someone I dated for more than a month. He was asking for specifics and blah blah. I told him how it was so he wants to meet. Mind you I am in a part of the country that is hundreds of miles from the other guy. Not Utah, not Idaho, this guy being in my area was unusual but I was happy.
So I show up and I see him and I was like OMG that looks so much like (previous boyfriend). I knew it couldn't really go anywhere without me immediately finding out if these two were related or if it was a coincidence because it would mean family reunions and all that. Plus he could be a mamas boy and frankly I didn't like that lady!
So within 5 min I ask if he know (person). He says "Yea, that's my brother." I told him ok well just to be upfront we dated. He asks (knowing that I said I have sex with everyone I date over a month and that he is totally going to ask his brother how long we dated just to make sure I wasn't lying) how long did you guys go out? Hehehehe!! About two months. HAHAHA! I can totally see this guy looking at me and thinking of me and his brother fucking. He just shook his head and said, "that's crazy. I love (brother). You guys were going out huh?" HAHAHAH! Yea! That's right your brother likes to play with freaky ladies. JUST LIKE YOU! Well the tone of the date then immediately changed. He tells me all about his family and the drama and I know a lot of it. It is funny because he will tell me something and I can precisely fill in details about it and he would just laugh because I'm sure it was weird to be told stuff about your family, from a stranger, that is exactly accurate. Anyhow he said that his brother married this girl who was around when we were dating who would always go home instead of staying in her boyfriends bed and Im sure she disapproved of me but....she had it in her heart to forgive him cuz they got married. Unhappily according to this brother. He really broke my heart at the time so....apparently his new perfect wife would scream at him a lot and humiliate him via virtue signaling at family event and whatnot....at least his mother approved of her. /s
So that was that and nothing ever came of our relationship. I'm sure he asked his brother about me and who knows what exactly he said but....it is a small world in mormon dating. Running into two men from the same family only because you want to marry in the faith...
What will happen when eventually there are only the die hards and those families have interbred over and over? Will they start to have genetic issues like the Amish I wonder?
Sometimes I look at myself and I think I want multiple husbands. If I were rich enough and I could I probably would like being married to both of those guys. Or any other combination of guys. I love them all and variety too. Too difficult to just pick one....
But yea that was probably one of the most interesting dates I ever went on. I felt like some type of psychic telling this man about his family and their names/spouses before he told me. At least he was of the covenant though...right dad?
Ugh sometimes I try to fake it but I don't think Ill ever stop craving my dad's approval....
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2021.09.19 19:28 Rvsingla11 Superb project and I have been working with them and fantastic team work and their Project idea is more reliable in this current world than I expected https://bnbfintech.com/

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2021.09.19 19:28 GroundbreakingMap187 Cryotherapy plantar warts. Hey guys! I recently got all these little warts frozen with cryotherapy, 2 days ago to be exact. However, the doctor had told me they’d blister big time and eventually pop in a week and it’s been 48h and they still haven’t blistered to the max?

Cryotherapy plantar warts. Hey guys! I recently got all these little warts frozen with cryotherapy, 2 days ago to be exact. However, the doctor had told me they’d blister big time and eventually pop in a week and it’s been 48h and they still haven’t blistered to the max? submitted by GroundbreakingMap187 to Warts [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 19:28 AdInternational5104 small humble team looking for top/jg {euw tier 2/3/4}

add me ign: RIM Jarno
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2021.09.19 19:28 DogebertDeck #AbolishNigrinBrand #RacistCodesInBranding

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2021.09.19 19:28 PerfectConversation5 PARENTS PLANNING STUFF BEHIND OUR BACKS

So basically my parents recently decided tht the whole family will move to turkey and we have been talking about it but now i want to study in poland instead i feel like they r literally trying to follow me around idky they even wanted to move to turkey i am legit confused then they blame me for not 'communicating' with them when they r the ones who r making such big plans for US me and my sis without even asking us i legit will turn 20 this year yet now i feel like they arent gonna let me be in a different country to them my dumbass father thinks the tuiton in turkey is cheaper but polish and european unis have the exact same fees heck even unis in my county(south asian country cant reveal it but its next to india and india hates us lol) r more expensive idk how to break it to them tht i wanna go to poland :/ they have already booked a flight for next sunday and out of nowhere they have decided tht they ( mom and dad ) r gonna go to turkey get an apartment and stuff until they get the permit while me and my sis r gonna live with our parents until october i have already given the application and interviews for the polish uni i didnt say anything about it cuz idk if they will accept it or what , any advice? now my parents r making assumptions and backbiting about me while they refuse to actually talk to me without making these plans idky asian parents r so shitty its literally a curse to have these ppl as parents !!! so they will be back in october and i am supposed to get an answer from the polish uni n 2 weeks what do i do ?? they r gonna be gone until next sunday and the response will be by the wednesay after tht :/ any advice?
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2021.09.19 19:28 lapende Is this an AKM-63 kit?

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