Why ROYGBIV when you can BPRPOY boss?

2021.09.19 19:20 2muchjoy42 Why ROYGBIV when you can BPRPOY boss?

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2021.09.19 19:20 drainedbrainz Nirvana - Iguana's, Tijuana, Mexico 1990

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2021.09.19 19:20 Brooklyn_University THE TOP 10 WARHAMMER 40K FAN ANIMATIONS, #1

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2021.09.19 19:20 Mindlessharthorn566 What would you do if the words "Simulation ending in 23H 59M 59S" appeared in the sky? Why?

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2021.09.19 19:20 Caucasian_Idiot Any mods I can install on Windows?

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2021.09.19 19:20 PatientModBot Banks beware, Amazon and Walmart are cracking the code for finance

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2021.09.19 19:20 Senor_Sriracha Amazon Whole Foods Online Market

Hey everyone,
Just a quick question: if I order Whole Foods delivery through Amazon does that transaction count as Whole Foods or Amazon? I am wondering whether I would get 4x MP with AMEX Gold.
Thanks everyone!
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2021.09.19 19:20 Astroulf For Honor is still crashing.

I don't really know what to say exept For Honor is still crashing. I uninstalled it on ubisoft and bought the complete edition on Steam and installed it. I had to make a second account because Ubisoft is fucking garbage and won't let me log in. The game starts the intro plays then it crashes. That's it.
Ubisoft please fix this. I know you won't because Ubisoft is fucking terrible, but please try.
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2021.09.19 19:20 Mortality_nft September 20 Death Card

September 20 Death Card
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2021.09.19 19:20 0_8261 NordVPN Guy

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2021.09.19 19:20 imma-fuck-yo-mom AG,Boros vs Psychorochi, tatsumaki

Im curious with the thought process some people have scaling them thats all and the reason for this battle
View Poll
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2021.09.19 19:20 VaIIeria What is a false portrayal of USA seen in movies, series and show that is wrong or not as common as foreigners might think?

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2021.09.19 19:20 bookaromatic Trying to find a dupe for this discontinued shade.

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2021.09.19 19:20 idontknow_iguess I wanna make a change

I'm an 18 soon to be 19 in December. I dropped out of school in my second year of 6th form because of depression and I've been stuck in a job I hate since. But I could tolerate it I thought I could turn it around. But now with all my few friends off to uni I've been feeling exceedingly low the last few months. Like I'm stuck doing something I hate with all my friends going away and no way to make new ones. I'll be honest I really don't know what to do I feel like I've got no way out I don't really have any hobbies I just used to play video games with mates but like I said they're all going away. Either way I hate this and want to change and try and turn my life around but I'm really lost. I feel like I'm out of time and options like I don't think I can go back to school and turn it around from there but I really don't know. Any advice would be appreciated I'm just sick of this.
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2021.09.19 19:20 Jennifoto Karen fighting back.

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2021.09.19 19:20 NeonSwipe6748 19 [M4M] ARG/Anywhere Looking for someone to have a nicce relationship with :D

Hi, so I'm a college student from argentina, I'm studying programing and i love music, video games (my fav one is Overwatch), and just chatting or talking for that matter.
Im looking mainly for someone to have a more intense relationship, i've never had a boyfriend or anything similar at all, so i was hoping to find that person here🥺.
I love watching movies/series like Fleabag, Euphoria, CMBYN, Marvel MCU, AHS as well as going to the gym, going out for longs walks, hiking or just going for a bike ride to the park :)
I also love to travel to new places to discover new things and to meet new people, I'm currently planning on moving to Spain as soon as i finish my studies, mostly because of the economy in my country.
Im looking for someone that shares if not most some of my interests and who is down to chat about them or play games online, tell each other about our day.... things like that. I have been told that I'm pretty easy going so don't feel intimidated if you are and introvert :D
DM me if u would be interested on getting to know me more <3
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2021.09.19 19:20 Distinct-Offer2770 Bin 33 Männlich

Wer will mir einen blasen? In schwäbisch hall umd Umgebung
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2021.09.19 19:20 PatientModBot Why does no one ever talk about Sweden anymore?

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2021.09.19 19:20 Accelerator4361 Aesthetic - The never ending realm series

https://realms.gg/T6dL99wq5Zw The fun is never supposed to end. No Cheating/Hacking or Ban. It's a survival realm for people to chill in and build anything they want! Every time the realm # changes the account will be switched so you will have to re-join every time. So just friend Accelerator#4361 on Xbox live or write here to stay in touch. Have fun everyone!
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2021.09.19 19:20 SoccerLiveGoals VIDEO: Tottenham Hotspur 0-3 Chelsea - ANTONIO RÜDIGER Goal (Full Replay)

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2021.09.19 19:20 harithzapata Facts

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2021.09.19 19:20 twg-bot Skeletor

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2021.09.19 19:20 Source_Uno Anyway to install Phantom on iPhone?

Need to be able to connect my wallet for SOL NFT drops.
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2021.09.19 19:20 Soft-Ad-8501 ADAMoon Launching Now | Auto Rewards In ADA| Cross chain BSC & Cardano Alonzo| Sundae Swap & Yield Farming | Gaming & Metaverse 🌑

This is your gateway to financial freedom. By holding ADAMoon you’ll get automatic airdrops every hour (contract tested and validated) of Cardano straight to your wallet.
⁉️Why should you even invest?⁉️
In summary the utility:
Dev's involved in previous multimillion dollar projects
Creating a farm to benefit holders for new layer 2 projects
Diversifying into the Cardano Smart Chain for Sundaeswap rewards
Developing games that are fun to play and reward users in multi tokens & platforms
Original token will always reward users in CARDANO
· 10% Tax (7% Rewards, 1% Marketing, 2% Liquidity)
· Liquidity locked.
· Development Utility Holdings (WILL NOT be sold)
· Yield Farming
· Cardano Alonzo Cross Chain with Sundae Swap
· Gaming Platform
🔹 BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x1adc0360095ba01757b8fff8755a0cd68e633472
🔹 Contract: 0x1adc0360095ba01757b8fff8755a0cd68e633472
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x1adc0360095ba01757b8fff8755a0cd68e633472#readContract
🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x4420F6BcD7C639BEa70935e91ebA5378c51D6918
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2021.09.19 19:20 Wizard_warrior_dude In this game, what is randomly generated, and what isn’t

I recently bought this and I love it a lot , but there’s and overwhelming amount of information to learn, I hope yall can help.
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