In June I proved The Rock was a James Bond movie. Now I’m asking: What if the MCU shares a timeline with the Tarantinoverse?

2021.09.19 18:43 Apprehensive-Test-26 In June I proved The Rock was a James Bond movie. Now I’m asking: What if the MCU shares a timeline with the Tarantinoverse?

You all seemed to enjoy it when I did a crazy deep dive into the fan theory that The Rock is in fact the last James Bond movie in Sean Connery’s tenure. So let’s see if lightening can strike twice as we look into the ridiculous possibility that the Marvel Cinematic Universe shares a timeline with the Quentin Tarantinoverse.
TL;DR: I’ve spent WAY too much time developing a timeline of events and connected shared characters across the 25 MCU movies and the ten films in Quentin Tarantino’s filmography, AKA the Tarantinoverse. This isn’t just the old classic that Samuel L Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction goes on to become Nick Fury – this theory goes way deeper than that, and goes all the way back to World War II, and it’s surprising how well these two universes line up - as established by shared characters played by Daniel Brühl, Ving Rhames, Tim Roth, Kurt Russel and of course Samuel L Jackson.
Whether you think I’m this guy or if you agree, I can guarantee that this will give you a whole new way of thinking about these beloved cinematic universes because there are WAY more connections that people think.
If you’d rather watch a video than read a 3500 word essay on Reddit, you can do that here:
The context
There’s a moment towards the end of The Winter Soldier where Cap, Falcon, and Nick Fury are gathered around the grave of Nick Fury, who had faked his death. On the headstone is the line: “The path of the righteous man,” which was made famous by Jules Winnfield, Samuel L Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction.
It was a fun easter egg thrown in by the Russo Brothers, but it did prompt a bunch of fan theories like this one and this one suggesting that Pulp Fiction might be an origin story for Nick Fury. When asked about it, Tarantino actually liked the idea of his universe being quoted in the MCU (8.58 in this clip).
Well if he liked that then I’m going to do you one better. Because the theory that Jules in Pulp Fiction went on to become Nick Fury got pretty debunked when Captain Marvel gave us Fury’s actual origin story.
So, I have a better theory, and I wish it was only about Nick Fury. Inspired by the latest MCU TV series, I’m asking: “What if the MCU and the Tarantinoverse did in fact take place in the same timeline?”
So you are about to witness the Marvel Cinematic Tarantinoverse – a timeline of events and characters taken from both the MCU and from Quentin Tarantino’s own cinematic universe that line up surprisingly well.
The disclaimers
I’ll begin with some disclaimers. The first is that with only two exceptions, I won’t be referencing information from things like the tie in comics or any meta-commentary by the film-makers. This theory is based 100% on information delivered on screen in the films. The second is that there will be a bit of Nolan-esque “Don’t try to understand it…feel it” and a fair amount of this. Thirdly, spoilers for basically the whole MCU up to Endgame as well as all of Tarantino’s movies.
Finally, this is just a fun fan theory, so maybe don’t take it too seriously? I’m not suggesting any of this is remotely intentional – it’s just a storytelling exercise to see if it’s possible to connect these two universes.
Because it totally is.
The Tarantinoverse
I’ll start by explaining what the Quentin Tarantino cinematic universe is (this is the first exception to disclaimer #1 because it’s kind of necessary to explain what the Tarantinoverse is).
Anyway, it’s pretty widely known that Quentin Tarantino has said all of his films share a common universe. But what’s less well known is that there are in fact two Tarantino universes. The ‘Realer Than Real Universe,’ and the ‘Movie Movie Universe.’
The ‘Realer Than Real Universe’ covers most of Tarantino’s films (think Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds), which all take place in the same fictional timeline and are canonically connected. The ‘Movie Movie Universe’ are fictional movies made within that fictional timeline. So when, say, Vince Vega goes to the cinema, he’s watching movies like Kill Bill and Death Proof. Jackie Brown isn’t part of either universe because it’s an adapted screenplay from a novel, so I’m also discounting it from this video.
But here’s where I need to return to what’s established through on screen continuity, and put to one side things Tarantino himself has said, because I am only considering the original movies written and directed by Tarantino to be part of the Tarantino-verse.
In this theory, the movies Tarantino wrote, but didn’t direct, like Natural Born Killers and True Romance simply take place in a divergent timeline. I know Tarantino has said there are connections like Brad Pitt’s Floyd in True Romance being related to Aldo in Inglourious Basterds, but this information is never delivered on screen and there are too many continuity issues for all of these films to be part of Tarantino’s self-described universe (for example, Christopher Walken would somehow have to be both a military veteran in Pulp Fiction and a mafia boss in True Romance).
So for the purposes of this theory, the non-Tarantino directed movies all take place in alternate timelines, just like the non-MCU Marvel movies like X-Men and Fantastic Four.
The start of the timeline
With that all out of the way, we can begin the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Tarantinoverse (MCTV) in World War II. In the Tarantinoverse, WWII ended in 1944 when the Inglourious Basterds kill Hitler during Operation Kino.
Now the MCU also establishes an alternate history of WWII by showing things like the HYDRA campaigns led by the Red Skull in The First Avenger. It also never explicitly says the war ended in 1945.
I know Dr. Zola’s robot in The Winter Soldier says this he was captured in 1945, but the same movie also says that Bucky died in 1944 – even though these events took place on the same day in Captain America. So I’m going to believe the Smithsonian.
Anyway, in the MCTV, Cap’s strike on Hydra was intentionally timed to coincide with Operation Kino by the Allied Command, to guarantee both Hydra and the Nazis would be defeated together. So the war ends a year early in 1944.
Our first hiccup with this is that the actor Daniel Brühl is in both universes. He plays Helmut Zemo in the MCU, while in Inglourious Basterds, he plays a Nazi war hero turned propaganda movie star called Frederik Zoller.
Zoller? Wait, that sounds an awful lot like Zola…
After all, when he is first introduced in Basterds he is asked if he is famous because he is the son of someone famous. He dodges the question, but what if his father was in fact a highly respected Nazi scientist – Dr. Arnim Zola? This might explain why Zoller’s story got the attention of the Nazi High Command – his well-connected father put in a word.
As for why the names are spelled differently, well in 1943, Zola senior helped the Red Skull betray the Nazis. He would have been branded a traitor and the Nazi leadership would have wanted nothing more to do with him.
But by this time, Captain America was on the scene, and the Nazis were losing the propaganda war in a big way. They needed a super soldier of their own. So they take Zoller junior’s story and turn it into a propaganda piece, one that says the Nazis don’t need a super solider – every Nazi is a super solider.
Because of Zoller’s exiled father, they change the spelling of his name on the posters. It also explains why he dodges the question about his parentage.
But this doesn’t explain why Zemo in the 21st Century looks like Zola’s son in 1944.
Well Falcon and the Winter Soldier establishes that Helmut Zemo in the MCU is part of an aristocratic Sokovian family. But besides this, the closest thing the MCU has to a backstory for the Zemo family is the PS3 game Captain America Super Soldier.
So this is the second and last time I will reference non cinematic material in this video because while I could just make it up, trust me when I say that this version is better. Even though this game isn’t strictly canon, I’m using it because most of its voice cast is the same as the movies, including Chris Evans as Cap, so there’s a strong continuity with the films.
The game establishes that Red Skull and Zola befriend Zemo’s grandfather Baron Heinrich Zemo and set up a base in his castle in Sokovia. Zemo the elder isn’t seen on screen in the game, but Cap retrieves his diaries throughout the mission. They tell us that Zemo agreed to let Zola help him on a mysterious pet project called Adhesive X.
Now, at the time, Dr. Zola was working on genetic research for Hydra, trying to build a super-soldier army in Zemo’s castle. So what could Zemo’s personal project be that he asked for Zola’s help on?
It’s simple: he wanted an heir. The diaries clearly establish how obsessed Zemo was with his family history, but never mention a wife or children. What if Zemo was unable to produce an heir, and Adhesive X was his attempt to make one artificially? Seeing Zola’s expertise in genetic research, he sought the help of the scientist. Zola determines that the only way to produce an heir will be to use other DNA – and Zola offers his own as a substitute for Baron Zemo’s.
After all, we see in The Winter Soldier how obsessed Zola was with preserving his mind and legacy. So this explains why Helmut Zemo looks like Zola’s other son, and also explains why Zemo himself is such a genius – he shares Zola’s intellect.
Now, Zola’s plans of course get disrupted by Captain America, but Baron Zemo and his new bloodline lived on into the 21st Century.
Nicholas Fury and Pulp Fiction
Now that we’ve established the key point at which the MCTV timeline diverges from our own, let’s skip ahead to Nick Fury and Pulp Fiction, and address the question of why Nick Fury uses the same Bible verse on his tombstone that Jules said in Pulp Fiction, especially considering the fact that the quote in Pulp Fiction never actually appears anywhere in the Bible.
Well because there’s nothing in the MCU to suggest that the Bible is different to the one in our universe, the only explanation is that Jules and Fury are the same person using the same false quote. But how can they be the same person when Captain Marvel makes it impossible for Jules to reform and become Nick Fury?
Well, the answer is simple. Jules Winnfield did not go on to become Nick Fury. Jules Winnfield IS Nick Fury, working as an undercover CIA spy. In Captain Marvel Fury says he became a soldier, then became a spy. It’s established that he worked all over the world, so by the late 1980s he would have been getting on a bit after a full military and espionage career.
He probably fancied something a bit closer to home, so he returns to the CIA’s Los Angeles Office and is tasked to infiltrate the inner circle of crime boss Marcellus Wallace (the ‘big bad’ in Pulp Fiction). It’s easy for him to adopt the Jules Winnfield disguise and become a hitman – a suitable cover story for someone with military experience.
Now, you might point out here that Fury’s ID badge in Captain Marvel says he joined SHIELD in 1988. So how could he still be a CIA spy in Pulp Fiction in 1994?
Well Pulp Fiction was made in 1994, but the film is intentionally vague about the year in which it is set. The best indication we have is Wolf’s car, a Honda Acura NSX#Official_launch_and_production), which was launched in 1989. But remember, this is the MCU, where Howard Stark has been showing off hover cars since the 1940s. The MCU is much more technologically advanced than our universe, so it’s plausible such a car could be developed and launched a few years earlier.
So let’s say Pulp Fiction is set in early 1988, which is about six years before Captain Marvel. While undercover, Fury miraculously survives a gun being unloaded on him. As we see in the movie, this gives him a revelation. He sees it as divine intervention and he decides to quit. After years of living on the frontline this miracle showed him how close he came to losing everything.
He needs to do something safer…something like a desk job, which Captain Marvel confirms he has been doing “for the past six years.”
When we last see Jules in Pulp Fiction he says he is going to walk the earth “until God puts me where I need to be.” So Jules delivers the case to Marcellus and quits the CIA to find some deeper purpose.
That purpose comes in the form of SHIELD. We establish in Captain Marvel that Fury works for SHIELD’s office in Los Angeles, the same city that the events of Pulp Fiction take place in. So Fury is already in proximity to the SHIELD office he would go on to join.
But as for the question of why SHIELD wanted to hire Fury in the first place, well, the answer to that lies in the case.
The Case
One of the biggest mysteries of the Tarantinoverse is the question of what is inside the mysterious case that Jules and Vincent are tasked to retrieve for Marcellus Wallace.
The answer: It’s an infinity stone. The mind stone, to be exact.
After all, the MCU never establishes on screen where Thanos got the Mind Stone. We first see it embedded into the Sceptre that Thanos gave Loki in The Avengers. But where did Thanos get it?
Well, he got it how he planned to get many of the other Infinity Stones – by using someone else. In the Guardians of the Galaxy, we see how he hired Yondu’s Ravager gang to retrieve Soul Stone. Well, what if he hired another Ravager clan to go to Earth and find the Mind Stone?
What if he hired, say, a Ravager clan headed by Charlie-27. If you think he looks familiar, that’s because it’s Marcellus Wallace. He may be wearing Earth clothes, but the man still loves his yellow.
This also explains the mystery of the plaster on the back of Marcellus’s head. It’s covering the mark from where his universal translator chip was inserted – which the Guardians films establish as being implanted in the neck.
So Charlie-27 leads his Ravager gang onto Earth to find the Mind Stone, and adopts the guise of crime boss Marcellus Wallace as cover for their search. Because they want to stay discreet, and lots of the Ravager gang are visibly alien, Marcellus needs to hire some humans like Jules and Vincent to do the leg work.
By this time, SHIELD would have picked up on the fact that there may be aliens lurking about Los Angeles. They follow the trail until they find Fury, and after hearing about what happened, determine that the miracle would in face have been the influence of the mind stone.
To someone who thought he just witnessed a miracle, I think it would have been very appealing to have proof that there was indeed a greater power in the universe. Fury decides he has found his God’s purpose, and joins SHIELD.
So we’ve connected Nick Fury to Pulp Fiction, but we’re not done. Let’s go back to the case for a second. Remember how Marcellus runs a crime gang?
Well, what if, when he finally learned the location of the infinity stone, he put together a group of criminals to steal it?
What if the characters in Reservoir Dogs are in fact all working for Marcellus Wallace? For starters, it might explain why they dress the same as his other employees in Pulp Fiction. I know Joe puts the gang together in Dogs, but Marcellus is the one pulling the strings.
Joe thinks they’re going to steal “a shipment of polished stones from Israel” but Marcellus knows that this particular diamond delivery is in fact the mind stone. After all we never see the diamonds in Reservoir Dogs – we only see the case.
At the end of the movie, Mr. Pink runs off with the case. Let’s say he stashes it at Brett’s apartment. Brett decides not to tell Marcellus that he has his stolen case, which is why Marcellus send Jules and Vince to retrieve it.
The reason I make this connection is because if Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction do share the same universe as Tarantino claims, then it stands to reason that the recurring actors in the films are playing the same characters.
Tim Roth
So let’s talk about Tim Roth, who appears in Reservoir Dogs as Mr. Orange (an American cop), and Pulp Fiction as Pumpkin.
But our question is how can this all be the same person who tried to defeat Bruce Banner twenty odd years later as Emil Blonsky, AKA the Abomination?
Oh, did you forget about The Incredible Hulk? To be honest, I kind of hoped you had because it’d make this way easier, but this movie is still MCU canon and we’ve come this far, so let’s do this.
Well, the connection to Pulp Fiction is clear. We never learn Pumpkin’s real name, but his British accent certainly matches Blonsky’s in The Incredible Hulk. Now, in Pulp Fiction, he attempts to rob Jules, AKA Nick Fury, which doesn’t go well for him.
After this experience, Blonsky uses the money to return home to England and join the Royal Marines. If Pulp Fiction did take place in 1988, this gives him a solid 20 years or so in the military, long enough to justify the remark in Hulk that he “could be a Colonel by now.”
More importantly, this scene explains Blonsky’s obsession with power and winning. Being humiliated by Jules made him feel powerless, so he became a soldier to never feel that sort of weakness again. And he didn’t, until Hulk came along. That’s why it drives him so crazy.
So the Pulp Fiction / MCU connection is clear. As for Reservoir Dogs, well, that’s actually more straightforward than you’d expect.
Because Mr. Orange isn’t the same person as Blonsky. Remember how I said SHIELD were tracking Marcellus? Well Orange isn’t an undercover cop. He’s an undercover SHIELD agent tasked with sabotaging the heist so that SHIELD could stop the infinity stone falling into Marcellus’s hands.
As for his appearance, well, the SHIELD agent is simply using a photostatic veil to disguise himself as a criminal. They probably just picked a random mugshot from the LAPD files to help him look the part, and to protect his true identity.
Oh, before you point out the fact that Mr. Orange has a Silver Surfer poster on his wall and calls Joe The Thing – well, the Fantastic Four don’t yet exist in the MCU. For all we know, this is a just a comic series that exists in the Marvel Cinematic Tarantinoverse.
This also explains Mr White (Harvey Keitel) surviving into Pulp Fiction. After he shoots Orange in the head at the end of Dogs, he would destroy the photostatic veil. SHIELD cuts a deal not to arrest him if he keeps his mouth shut about seeing such advanced technology. White agrees and goes back to working for Marcellus as Winston Wolf.
Kurt Russel
I’ll conclude with Kurt Russel, whose presence in both universes (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 / Death Proof / The Hateful Eight / Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) threatens to undermine this whole theory: Why does this celestial look like a stunt coordinator / 1800s cowboy in the Tarantinoverse? Well, the answer is weirdly meta.
In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Kurt Russell plays a stunt coordinator called Randy, while in The Hateful Eight he plays the hangman John Ruth. Now, both of these movies take place in the Realer Than Real universe, which means they exist in the same timeline that we’ve just established for the MCTV.
Because The Hateful Eight takes place 100 years before the 1960s, we can say that Ruth is simply an ancestor of the modern day Randy. The same goes for Tim Roth’s character, as well as Samuel L Jackson in both The Hateful Eight and Django Unchained.
But Russell’s other Tarantino appearance is as Stuntman Mike is Death Proof. Death Proof is a Movie Movie Universe film, which means even within the Tarantinoverse its events are fictional.
So logically, an actor exists in the Realer Than Real Universe who plays Stuntman Mike in the fictional movie Death Proof. Let’s say that fictional actor got their start in the movie business through their father, who was a well-connected figure in the movie industry in the 1960s (i.e. Randy from OUATIH)
If that sounds like someone you know, that someone is Kurt Russell – whose father got him his first acting jobs.
So in the timeline of the MCTV, Randy’s son goes on to have an acting career that closely resembled the career of the real life Kurt Russell. Maybe in this universe, Randy Jr became just as famous as Kurt Russell after starring in John Carpenter’s The Thing or taking on iconic roles like roles like Snake Plissken. In this universe, Randy Junior grows up to play stuntman Mike in the fictional movie Death Proof as a tribute to his father.
But how does this connect back to Ego? Well, Quill used to carry around a picture of David Hasselhoff and pretend that was his father, being a fan of 80s TV shows like Knight Rider. Ego knows this because he transforms into Hasselhoff and says to Quill: “I tried so hard to find the form that best suited you!”
This shows Ego can change his form to whatever he wants. He knew he couldn’t actually be Hasselhoff – Quill would be too suspicious. So instead he chose another 80s actor, but one who Quill wouldn’t know because he was mostly known for adult films, not a kids TV show.
You see where I’m going with this: Ego in the Marvel Cinematic Tarantinoverse is intentionally taking the form of the actor Randy Jr.
Ego knows Quill has a childlike memory of Earth grounded in the 1980s, but neither he nor any of the Guardians would have any idea who this actor was. So Ego could appear to be a Hasselhoff-like father figure to Quill, without having to worry about being recognised as Hasselhof.
After all, he had to base his human appearance off someone. Why not pick an iconic 80s actor if you’re trying to find a form that best suits your 80s obsessed child?
As for why he looked like that on earth, well, Quill’s mother knows he’s an alien, and I have to keep it PG but let’s just say that dating a shapeshifting alien would allow you to get pretty creative…
CONCLUSION (finally…)
So there you have it. An alternate timeline of events in the 20th century that perfectly line up the MCU with the Tarantinoverse. I hope this post has entertained you, if not convinced you, and shown that every single shared character and piece of alternate history between the MCU and the Tarantinoverse lines up surprisingly well, and provides a coherent narrative that answers the question, what if Quentin Tarantino’s films take place in the MCU? What if the Marvel Cinematic Tarantinoverse could exist?
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But especially, watching the police department higher ups, the mayors office, and the attorney’s worlds crumble as they realize they’ve been bullshitted is so hilarious. It really shows how full of shit all these people were. The newspaper writer getting caught adds to this too.
When Kima snitches the season goes from cheesy sitcom crime drama to an almost comically relieving view on how stupid the politicians, police department, and media were. I almost feel like Simon made the first eight episodes so corny just so he could spend the last two dumping on all the clueless characters and show the irony of how the real important people didn’t actually know shit.
In my opinion s5 ep9 and 10 are two of the show’s greatest episodes despite being the worst season by far. It makes the whole season worth it just to watch Norman laugh when he finds out about the serial killer in Carcetti’s office hahahah
Does anyone else feel this way?
Also, if Kima didn’t snitch, do you think McNulty gets away with it like he assumed? That slowly he’d get defunded and this would all go away?
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They're also people who reuploads those videos for archival purpurcess.
I'll show you some examples, some of which are made specifically for a youtuber:
Deleted Videos - DV:
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Also, on a related note, while Pewdiepie's Coco diss track and all Unus Annus (aka the channel made by Markiplier and Ethan that only lasted 1 year before it's deleted during the final stream called "Goodbye.") videos can't be reuploaded on Youtube, they're reuploaded on other sites instead.
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Universal Torque Wrench Head Power Drill Ratchet Bushing Set Tools SPECIAL DESIGN:Unique design automatically adjusts to any size or shape, suitable for standard 1/4 to 3/4inches and metric 7mm to 19mm screws, meeting all your needs, compact and easy to carry. UNIVERSAL WRENCH:Can be adjusted immed submitted by Ralfop to HANITSYPRODUCTS [link] [comments]

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Ancients: Icebreaker
Godlies: 2 Tides, Shark, Red Seer, Blue Seer, 7 Lugers, 2 Lugercane, Old Glory, Amerilaser, Eggblade, Elderwood revolver, Chroma Darkbringer

LF: Collectibles -- NLF: Pets

Trading candy/sugar for neon
Trading 4 lugers for o1 set
Trading 3 lugers, lugercane and blue seer for o2 set
Trading chroma darkbringer, lugercane and tides for snowman set (2015)
Trading chroma darkbringer, icebreaker and shark for santa set (2015)
Trading lugercane and 2 tides for patrick
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He went back to daycare on Tuesday - Friday. Saturday he had a fever again which is still ongoing (it’s Sunday night where I am). This time he’s eating a ton, but taking two naps a day instead of one.
Is this just normal after starting daycare?
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