Juventus vs Milan | Serie A (Sep 19, 02:45PM ET)

2021.09.19 19:47 AvraPollock Juventus vs Milan | Serie A (Sep 19, 02:45PM ET)

WINNINGS ODDS Juventus When the odds are 0.91 the expected chance of winning is 52%, but this team actually wins 56% matches with these odds. Milan When the odds are 2.8 the expected chance of winning is 26%, but this team actually wins 23% matches with these odds.
MATCH INFO Start time: Sep 19, 02:45PM ET Location: Turin Venue: Allianz Stadium Round: 4 Competition: Serie A
Watch this stream: Link 1: https://reddit.soccerstreamlinks.com/detail-match/9644958 Link 2: https://reddit.soccerstreamshd.com/match/9644958 Link 3: https://reddit.soccerstreams.to/event/9644958 Link 4: https://totalsporteks.net/soccerstreams/event/9644958
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2021.09.19 19:47 atkinson62 PC WWZ Aftermath Thread

First impressions:

Looking to hear other PC player thoughts
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2021.09.19 19:47 MiMiR___ .

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2021.09.19 19:47 jimmiccxvxcv Litechee, a P2E Binance Smart Chain Project with Litecoin Rewards Launching Today on Pancakeswap!!

Litechee ($LCHEE) is a fun and exciting new Litecoin dividend project on BSC (Pancakeswap)!!!

Check the pins in the official Telegram channel for more details and video captures of the new game development!


No BNB to buy tokens with?? No problem! We will have P2E Gaming within the tg as well!! There are multiple ways to become a part of the Litechee community!

Launch date - 9/19

Litechee is ripening as we set out to reap the reward craze and distribute tons of LTC out to our holders in an automated fashion.

We will give out NFTs to recognised community members soon after launch! Also, we will be bringing you P2E browser games in which you can win rewards, starting immediately with the Moon Mission Litechee game in which daily high scores are awarded with cash prizes!!

Website: https://Litechee.com

Through a committed team of BSC veterans, creatively gifted designers and greatly experienced developers coming together and forging this project, we are sure to blow this up beyond the moon and take as many of you guys with us on our journey. 🚀🌌


- 1 Trillion / 1,000,000,000,000
- 2% max ownership, no whales!


- 10% LTC rewards
- 3% Marketing & Expansion
- 2% Liquidity

The one and only legitimate contract is posted in our TG and displayed on all our official mediums (website, telegram, twitter). We promise to always be 100% transparent in everything we do so please feel free to ask any of our team questions. Our international team is eager and will be constantly engaging in the telegram, so come and join us!



📊- https://t.me/litecheebsc

🐦- https://twitter.com/litecheebsc

📬- [litecheebsc@gmail.com](mailto:litecheebsc@gmail.com) in
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2021.09.19 19:47 SinfulAdamSaintEve Mental and Physical Health

Living out of a car comes with unique challenges and environments. What do you do for your mental and physical health?
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2021.09.19 19:47 nathan_dbs How much time do you guys put into math while warming up?

Personally i practice my math 30mins every warmup. I do some counting excercises with common damage numbers like 33, 49, 108. I also practice dividing a distance with 5 to calculate how long it will take me to walk to somewhere.
All these things help me to communicate really well with my teammates in arena! I got up to 2300 hype in s7 doing this warmup everyday. 😀👌🏻
Hopefully this would motivate you fellow gamers to do this too💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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2021.09.19 19:47 JimboMastah 🐪

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2021.09.19 19:47 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Ronin GXT] [Orange Liquid Camo] [Purple Tachyon] [Purple Zomba]

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2021.09.19 19:47 Road_to_recovery94 Is it time for me(M27) to call it quits with my girlfriend(F30) of 5 years?

Hi everybody,
Firstly, thank you for clicking on this, I apologise of it ends up a bit long.
I have had a girlfriend of almost 5 years. We met in a foreign country to us both(UAE for those curious) when I was living with my family. They left and since then (2017) I have been living with my girlfriend.
I feel we started our relationship really strongly, I felt like I loved her more and more everyday for probably a year and a half. Great sex, always spending time with eachother. It was amazing.
Over the last few years things have fizzled out it seems. I still deeply care for her and love her, but not in the same way I used to. I still find her beautiful, but not necessarily sexy. Sex is less frequent and I have turned to porn which is a big problem of mine which I shared with my girlfriend a few months ago and has strained the relationship further.
She has been as patient as she can with me as I try to fix my problem, but I am not 100% better and I still don't feel like having regular sex with her, which is upsetting to her of course. I believe this issue of mine is playing on her mind and making her feel more and more uneasy as time goes on and I as still haven't recovered nor had an increase in my desire to have sex with her. Which has been about once every 2 weeks for the last year.
When we are out with friends I feel almost embarrassed by her silly but innocent actions, where she is just trying to have fun. It really hurts me to say that. She does have a bit of a mean streak after a few drinks and every small thing she does with isn't nice turns me off her more so than before. It's like we don't have fun together when we are out with friends because of this. She has also openly told me she is more worried about not upsetting me than having fun, which I do find really sad.
At home we get along, cuddle, look after eachother, have a laugh, play with our cat. All lovely, but I don't feel there is much depth to it anymore.
We had pretty good sex last night, although it was only oral. This morning she wakes up and while she was getting ready for work, and while I had already started my work from home she very casually asked for a 'quicky'. I turned it down and said I can't and I could tell she was upset by this. It happens a lot when after we have had sex, the next day or a few hours later she wants more, and I don't.
Today she messages me from work saying the feeling of being unwanted is becoming very boring to her. I immediately apologised that I make her feel that way and she went on to explain that the situation we are in is not good for her and how the effort she makes to understand my problem is not being appreciated, although I feel I do appreciate her for staying as I can only begin to imagine if roles were reversed. I said we can talk it out at home as we decide it's not best to have these conversations over text.
We have had 2 big fights in the last year and a bit where she was close to moving out, bags packed, but we were cuddling in bed, crying and she asks of we can give it another shot. I said yes.
At the end of the day, I don't think either of us feel like we have the same connection as we used to. I don't think we enjoy the same kind of intellectual conversations and most of our chats at home are either very casual or silly(in a fun way).
To be honest, and as selfish as it sounds, I am worried with what I'm going to do without her. I've become so comfortable with her and have never lived alone. She cooks quite often and we both clean although admittedly she does more of it. I don't know if I can be alone. Although we split the rent, I am okay financially and although I wont be able to save as much, I will be fine living by myself in this sense. I think she almost feels the same way, especially since she's on the wrong side of 30 and has had messy relationships in the past, she does want to settle down. Every time we have a bit of a fight my mind brings me to 'I can't do this for much longer', and although I am alright afterwards, I do not feel this is healthy.
In addition, when we fight she almost turns into another person. Not a sweet loving girl anymore, but very cold hearted with her walls up. It is very hard to help her to understand me and when I do see her walls slowly start going down(which can take days), I get tears in my eyes because I can finally see she is taking on board what I have said.
For anyone who has reached this far in my probably very poorly written rant, thank you so much for hearing me out and I hope you can help me with some advice.
TLDR I am thinking if it is best to call it quits with my long-term girlfriend. We both don't feel a spark anymore and the sexual attraction from my side is very limited. Although I worried about myself being alone if we do break up, and even though I still do care about her so much and only want the best for her, I don't know if being together is good for us.
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2021.09.19 19:47 EatYourCheckers Posting the code publicly, so be prepared for heavy traffic: Cheri is crafting Spooky Fence. You may visit but NO LADDERS, NO SWIMSUITS. Must stay in fenced off areas.

Take the warp tube to find Cheri. Feel free to shop and take free DIYs, items from marked free area, and fossils. No swimming or using ladders allowed today.
Dodo code is: DKHX2
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2021.09.19 19:47 seaemgee Am I being petty?

We have a local amusement park. As my big present to the kids last year for Christmas, I bought the whole fam season passes. They’re finally at the age where they’re beginning to appreciate experiences over barbies and junk (SD7 & SD9). We spent all summer there and went as much as possible. I’m pretty sure we’ve all ridden on every ride there and we all had so much fun. I’m so glad I got them for us! SD9 even requested that we rent a hotel in the park and stay for the weekend for her birthday, so that’s exactly what we did.
BM, at drop off one day, explained to my SO that she bought season passes for her and her bf and specifically said “How do I add the girls season passes to my account?” Um what? That is not the way to ask? We paid for them! I paid for them. That was our summer thing. She has a camper, and takes the kids there all summer. I cannot even imagine asking her “Hey, can we use your camper?” So that we can partake in an experience she has with the kids. She conveniently bought these passes after my SO took the kids to the park and ran into BM’s sister. My SO and the kids hung out with her sister and nieces and nephews for the whole day. I think she heard about it and is jealous of the experiences the girls have with us. Would you allow another parent access for something like this that you bought for your family? She could have easily bought them their own day passes. Or am I being petty….
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2021.09.19 19:47 AardvarkOrganic1530 Aggressive Neighbor Dogs

So my neighbors have 2 very aggressive dogs. Back in February of this year, my dog was playing in the backyard (supervised) when the neighbor let their dogs out. My dog often runs along the fence to play with the other neighbors dogs so when that began, I was not worried, until the dog reached under a small gap and attacked my dog, biting I hole into her nose.
I went next door after cleaning up my dog and calling our vet. They apologized and offered to pay for vet bills.
The issue is that I can no longer let my dogs out if the neighbors dogs are also out and if they let theirs out while mine are out, I have to run all over the yard to get mine in. I’ve had enough and I have no idea what to do about it. Part of me wants to call animal control to protect my dogs, but I also do not want someone to lose their beloved pets.
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2021.09.19 19:47 trishaanywhite This project is one of the most creative and revolutionary among all the others

This project is one of the most creative and revolutionary among all the others! Happy to look after him. Good luck! This Project Token project is very serious and reliable for investment. The company has already implemented many successful projects around the world. #ACSNFT #ACS #BSC #Binance #IDO #NFT https://acryptosnft.io/
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2021.09.19 19:47 GreatFountainPublish Anyone that will sign you for my channel I will sign up for theirs's. Just leave me a link to your channel. Thanks

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2021.09.19 19:47 Laika_1 Where are those GenCon haul posts at?

I live for the GenCon hauls! Gimme gimme!
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2021.09.19 19:47 JavaleONeal free to use soulful boombap type beat "priceless poverty" i post all the time on my channel so if you like what you hear stay tuned for more!

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2021.09.19 19:47 Sanel_K What gives me hope is that so many retail investors see the value in Clover Health & in the management. So much potential for growth. If you are patient, this is a certain 10-bagger within 10 years. When it’s at $80, you’ll wish you bought more at $8. Happens all the time. $CLOV

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2021.09.19 19:47 Austen888 How should I spend my Stones?

OK so I need help at most I will 1K stones by Gogeta and I want to know what's best to spend them and on which banners here are my strategies I have and I want to know which is best. NOTE IF INT GOGETA IS CHANGED ON THE GARLIC BANNER CONSIDER ALL GARLIC BANNERS BELOW AS SKIP
Units I want in each banner
Garlic Jr banner: New gohan, Garlic Jr, Int Gogeta, Future Gohan Gogeta: New units,Blue Bros, Goten and trunks and any of the other Fusions Super Vegeta: Super Vegeta, Int Broly, Phy Vegeta and are Dokkan fest Boujack
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2021.09.19 19:47 satan_on_the_porch Ideas for fixing up this concrete hearth?

I'm planning to limewash the brick, but I'm looking for a solution for the hearth. Tentative plan is acid stain. All advice welcome.
Fire place: https://imgur.com/a/s9wWitE
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2021.09.19 19:47 Shutout3111 How do you plan to approach NHL 22?

Hey all! Just curious what everyone's strategy is going into 22!
Are you sticking with 21?
Building a theme team from day 1?
Grinding the AH like crazy to get high-end meta cards before their prices go up?
Are you planning to approach 22 any differently than you approached 21?
I know I plan to change things up this year.
I am thinking I will avoid grinding, instead building a roster of Icons with a couple base cards mixed in.
I will only add cards to my roster if they are an exact fit for my theme (so I won't end up having TOTS Hedman and Matthews riding the pine all year again!), but hopefully I will have a lot of Halloween cards!
I am thinking this will keep me away from grinding and allow me to de-prioritize the game a bit.
Kind of looking forward to taking a more relaxed approach...unless EA provides a progression track for alums. If that happens, all bets are off!
So - what's your plan for NHL 22?
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2021.09.19 19:47 NealPhillips45 Iran gift for Iranian roots

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2021.09.19 19:47 Zdawg_613 My mom took the picture in the middle of a blop

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2021.09.19 19:47 trishaanywhite Super project!!! I can not wait when it will start to work in full force

Super project!!! I can not wait when it will start to work in full force. Join us, friends! Don't miss Yout. This Project It's very good that the project has received such a great publicity around the world and now you can see messages in different languages of the world about the project. #ACSNFT #ACS #BSC #Binance #IDO #NFT https://acryptosnft.io/
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2021.09.19 19:47 shokk1967 Origins badge from judge dredd.

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2021.09.19 19:47 kamenriderracer My Haze’n-thley II inspired mech, RW-01-A “Excalibur”

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