Interview with Coin Telegraph Reporter Tom Farren

2021.09.19 19:59 BigONEofficial Interview with Coin Telegraph Reporter Tom Farren

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2021.09.19 19:59 clay_babe_ I fired my Skutt electric kiln & it reached temperature but the cones didn’t melt at all. Can someone tell me what the issue is and how to correct it? I re-fired the bisque and the same thing happened.

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2021.09.19 19:59 ComicalOpinions The Invincible Red Sonja #4 cover by Frank Cho

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2021.09.19 19:59 Oneiromechanic Art by me

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2021.09.19 19:59 AgencyFalse Looking for Beautiful Writers!!

Hello! My name is Sidanth, I am 18 years old. For the last year and a half, I’ve been developing a story that is based loosely on the deportation of my mother during my freshman year of high school. It’s as if Breaking Bad, A Beautiful Mind, and No Country For Old Men had a weird little baby. A team of very close friends and I began to write outlines and episode ideas and eventually we wrote the pilot of what we see being a limited series. We wrote it multiple times until we all decided on our favorite draft. I used to attend Norris Performing Arts Center in Murrieta, CA. This is an acting and dancing studio owned by Dean Norris (Hank Schrader in Breaking Bad). I had the chance to get close with his family, and he’s been interested in reading through our pilot and possibly funding the project. We are currently pitching to him. This means my co creator and I have already given him a presentation and he now has a physical copy of our script. He should be getting back to us by the end of this week. I came to Reddit to post an ad to local people of Temecula, CA who would be interested in collaborating, but it has come to my realization that I was not clear enough.
This is a call to people who are interested in working via virtually or in person on a project that has a very dynamic, fun, interesting and personal story but could use some collaboration to reach a new level. This would be non paying considering that I graduated high school 3 1/2 months ago. This is a passion project, just looking for help. Thank you. If you are interested in being a part of this in any way, shape or form please DM me. I would love to give you more information on the project. I really want this to happen and I’m putting my everything into it. If you have any questions please ask.
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2021.09.19 19:59 Ohra_le_kid What *would* you do

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2021.09.19 19:59 IdiotCharizard The full source of the infamous truck loop

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2021.09.19 19:59 illinoislover hurts bad

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2021.09.19 19:59 Svalbard38 [Maple Leafs] Leafs lineup for game three in Traverse City

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2021.09.19 19:59 Zander823 Records of a Terran Haunting

Being trained as a starship engineer, I am of course well-versed in the premier spacecraft phenomenon: Remnants. There are only a few rules they follow, but they are semi-reliable.
1: There is only ever one per ship, and if another appears, the weaker of the two will vanish.
2: They share many aspects of the crew member that died in their forming. This includes routines, habits, likes, and dislikes.
3: The places they can be found are usually their quarters, places they frequented for work or pleasure, and where they died. They cannot leave these areas under normal circumstances.
4: Most (but not all) remnants can be cleansed from the ship with sufficient effort.
5: 98% of remnants can be placed into the threat categorization system.
To elaborate on the categories, it is a simple tiered system. An E-class is almost unnoticeable, while a class D is of little consequence. C is usually simple enough to work around, while a B is able to manipulate physical objects and manifest itself more often than not; a real issue if it’s regularly upset.
And then there is an A-class. They never lose the ability to interact with the physical realm, and this is fueled almost exclusively by a single emotion: Rage. You cannot kill them, not on short notice anyway, and they most certainly have the means and motivation to kill you. Six out of ten ships that confirm the presence of an A-class are immediately decommissioned, most of the remainder will try to purge it posthaste; an ambitious and dangerous undertaking.
I thought I was ready for anything remnant-related when I signed up for service on the merchant ship Skiptone II. So much so that I didn’t read about their onboard remnant in advance, mistakenly assuming they had the common sense not to harbor anything worse than a tame B. Imagine my surprise during the interview when the first officer handed me a tablet with the remnant’s information and it read: ‘Classification: Wraith/Banshee Hybrid.
He told me it was the special classification system made by humans for remnants of their species. Humans… never lower than a C, and B more often than not. The worst species that could possibly be picked by whatever fickle cosmic rule governed remnants. And on top of all that, almost half of them required specification under the human system.
Security Chief Mizuki Sato was the source, a gruff female with a military background. Her file was far too long for my liking, thrice that of any previous remnant I had worked with. I spent more time reading it than the ship’s technical specifications. A trimmed version has been transcribed below.
Wraith: Usually appears as a smoky skeletal figure wrapped in torn/tattered cloth. Class A, hostile, extremely strong, inexorable by usual means. Stalks trespassers and remains calm unless transgressed against.
Banshee: Majority female, often retains a few features that are held by human standards to be beautiful. Class A, hostile, strong, inexorable by usual means. Can shriek in such a way that induces paralysis or death in hearing creatures.
Areas affected: Personal quarters (Extreme), All surrounding rooms (Moderate), Security operations room (Minor), Armory (Minor), Cargo bay 04 (High).
Angered by: Loitering, speaking her name, noise not associated with productivity, complaining, messiness, lack of discipline, flaunting of protocol, disrespect for authority, improper weapon handling, unkempt personnel and uniforms, being spotted by trespassers, disrespect of personal belongings, anything associated with crayons, licorice.
Appeased by: Adherence to schedules, polished footwear, the battle cry ‘Oorah!’ (When used in excitement), cleaning of her territories, visible sidearms on trespassers, discipline, clean uniforms, deliberately averted gazes, saluting, communicator use in keeping with terran military standards, Mess Call (bugle song), playing of music from her collection (on her record player), the question ‘permission to enter for ___?’.
Instant hostility triggers: Eye contact, insults (especially ‘crayon eater’), Reveille (bugle song), pirates, physical contact, acts of violence, turning on the lights in her quarters.
Distracting items and how long they buy you: Fried rice (<1 min), shoe polishing kit (~2 min), Rubix cube (1-3 min), rifle in need of cleaning and cleaning kit (~5 min, must be Ke-717 with serial #6835174), paper editions of subscription-based terran magazines focusing on weaponry (~15 min, cannot reuse).
Notes: If approached, stand at terran military attention until she backs away. If knocked over and struck with multiple seconds between blows, state ‘thank you, ma’am, may I have another?’ every time you are hit. If attacked in any other way, immediately attempt to escape, or close your eyes and pray. Do not damage the shine on her shoes. Can speak single words, and use them as questions. Has been observed with and without claws/sharp teeth.
I… don’t know why I accepted the job. Well, that’s a lie. My funds were nearly depleted, and the hefty bonus the first officer offered if Miss Sato turned out to like me was so tempting.
“Why do you willingly exist on the same ship as… this?” I asked the first officer immediately after reading the file.
He bobbed his head. “She’s not so bad. You follow the rules and put on a little Led Zeppelin and she leaves you be for whatever needs doing. No remnant is ever going to replace her, so there’s consistency in that as well.”
Even then, he was perceptive of my stone face enough to see that I was unimpressed. “Alright, look, I’ll be honest with you. We’re a single, big-time ship with a reputation for outstanding work. We can’t scrap her and get a new one, or we’d lose the brand. Miss Sato is not bad enough to throw away the excellent revenue, and replacing the ship to start over is far too expensive.”
Much as I was unconvinced, my desperation outweighed my trepidation. After covertly checking the station’s meager job postings again, I reluctantly signed on. Chief maintenance engineer was a good position, well-paid, and fell within my specialties nicely. I only had the one real obstacle. They told me she liked orangutans, which I supposedly bore a passing resemblance to (I disagree, but that is a moot point). Hiring by looks, what a wonderful practice.
They gave me three days to steer clear of her space, and I spent more of them preparing for introductions than actually learning the ship and its systems. I had to get my posture, shouting, and discipline polished to a shine, and dearly hope it worked. Then the day came and they shoved a bowl of fried rice in my hands and slapped me across the back with words so reassuring as ‘good luck!’.
I remember the moments as clearly as optical glass. I knocked and requested permission to enter for introductions. The door opened without my input five seconds later, which either meant Miss Sato could manifest within moments of being alerted, or was always fully present, neither of which boded well. I imitated the stiff movements of the terran military and marched to her table to set the food down, then I faced the wall at attention.
“Good day, ma’am!” I bellowed, something I was told was positive. “I am Tunuk Mherr, and I will be serving in this section as a maintenance officer! I look forward to working with you!”
A script I had memorized down to the tone of each syllable. My hairs began to stand on end, indicating she was right behind me. It was silent, motionless. My eyepiece counted the seconds as they passed by. She moved away at two minutes and I dared to check the bowl. Empty. I made a mental note that she was sneaky too. I collected it and escaped with blatant haste.
It went… well after that. Compared to the average A-class, she was remarkably calm, but with an emphasis on looming. The pipe and wiring under her floor plates were frequent issues, and I could feel her right behind me for every moment of it. Metallica was my shield for a long time, exactly as promised. I only caught a beating twice, first when I dropped her shoes while dusting. I’ve had worse Bs, but never was I so consistently terrified. Despite that, I was told that she quite liked me. Why she did, I was never quite sure. I still don’t buy the orangutan bit.
I caught glimpses a few times but never did assemble a complete mental image. The one good look I got… well, she rushed me the moment I leered for too long. That was the other beating. She was fast too. As for looks, all I can say is that she’s big, dark, billowing, and there are two little glints where there should be eyes. That was the time I heard the screech too, though I had the feeling she was holding back. And the teeth… by all that’s sacred, I will never forget them.
And then the pirates attacked. I wasn’t surprised, we took a lot of rush jobs through questionable shipping lanes; it really was inevitable. When they knocked out our engines, the captain calmly contacted me over the comms and told me to get to cargo bay 04. He said there was an emergency compartment beside the fire suppression console, and I was to open and use the contents. I didn’t know why it was my job at the time, but I did it without hesitation.
We were already being boarded when I got there. I reached the bright red compartment in moments. A metal box with a glass front, and a hammer dangling off the side. The iconic ‘in case of emergency, break glass’ was printed across it. One smash and I was confusedly holding a small brass wind instrument, and a sheet of paper with galactic standard musical notation printed on it. Luckily, my time spent on the ungh flute was not wasted.
The door opened as I read and before I knew it, the burly, bescaled pirates had shot me in the leg with a punch rifle, snapping the bone and sending me to the floor. The two of them laughed as I groaned in pain, shock starting to set in.
“Any last words?” one asked me. I raised the instrument to my lips and he howled with laughter again. “He’s gonna play his own funeral song! This should be good.”
And so I played. Played for my life, not knowing what I would accomplish; carrying out my final orders like a good crew member. It was a short song, no longer than 30 seconds, punctual, upbeat, and simple. The pirates grimaced as I concluded and slumped against the wall.
“Not really a good funeral song, but to each little idiot their own,” one of them said, leveling their punch rifle to my head.
And then, everything went black. But I hadn’t been shot. My ears registered a fuse blowing as the lights in the cargo bay shut off. The pirates panicked, activating gun lights and scanning the room. One of them startled and tried to shout when I heard the screech. My body went stiff as the ear-splitting scream filled the bay. One covered their ears, the other froze on the spot. The resilient one raised his gun again, but it was knocked out of his hands as he was dragged into the darkness, kicking and screaming.
He squealed for so long, and between every breath, I could hear tearing and crunching as his body was slowly shredded. Eventually, there was a whimper accompanied by a final, sickening, pop. And then it was silent. Moments later, she pounced the frozen one and began anew, only I could hear every. last. detail. His meek, paralyzed whimperings did nothing to conceal the animalistic assault on his flesh. And when he too was silenced with a crunch of the neck, she came for me.
I closed my eyes as she drew near, hoping for the best. I was picked up by the collar and held against the wall. Every hair on my body stood on end as I heard her.
“Loooooook,” she whispered.
My heart pounded. If I opened my eyes, I would be staring right at her. If I didn’t, I would be disobeying a direct order. Flinching was beyond my paralyzed self, but I would have if I could. I dared to look. She was centimeters from me, a face, dark, dead, and angry in form, spattered with blood and deadly eyes staring intently. Then, rather than strike, she looked right. My gaze followed over to the crumpled, flayed form of a pirate, illuminated in the glow of his gun light.
My lips quivered as I tried to answer through my frozen body. “P- p- pirates.”
She looked back at me, flashing her sharp, bloody teeth. Bits of flesh still caught in them. I closed my eyes again as she… Something went in my mouth and down my throat. Then it went up my nose, my ears, and even into my eyes. I fell to the floor. And then, I got up, but I did not. I watched myself get up, then hobble over to the nearest rifle.
I spectated from where I lay slumped against the wall as my body strapped the rifle to the broken leg as a splint. Then I watched as I picked up the other rifle and exited the room with purpose. Darkness took me.
I woke in the medbay, disoriented, and in great pain. The medical officer informed me that I had been shot twenty-eight times, but only the hit to the leg had done major damage. When I asked what I had done to earn so many wounds, he answered.
“Well, you single-handedly killed every pirate onboard, then went to their ship through the docking tube and wiped it clean of all life. In less than twenty minutes no less. Beyond that, you don’t want to know. I’m still digging pirate muscle fibers from between your teeth.”
And so I laid in that bed. For two months I recovered as we limped to our destination. Every day the crew came to thank me for what I did, and every night, something dark passed in front of the dim night lights in the medbay. After that, my fur never stood again in her presence, I was not struck a single time, and I never heard even a peep from her. And yet I knew that—in our darkest hour—all I needed was a bugle.
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2021.09.19 19:59 RelaxNatureSounds Get Free Bitcoin - Earn Bitcoins and Ethereum Free No Investment (Earn Free BTC Cryptocurrency)

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2021.09.19 19:59 arondavid4 Barbie rican

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2021.09.19 19:59 GwendaSelvana Today I coloured a traditional pencil drawing of mine digitally! I should use this technique more often. And yes, I absolutely ship Emolga and Virizion from "PMD: Gates to Infinity".

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2021.09.19 19:59 user18298375298759 RSS - deal with missing url

Suppose there's an rss(xml) file full of relative links. The link element is relative as well.
/ I need to change this to the url supplied to newsticker-url-list (say on pulling the page. What's the best way to do this?
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2021.09.19 19:59 InfamousMedusa Finally watched the Extended Editions, and well, mind blown

Right after the films came out, I bought the DVD special edition box sets, which contain the deleted scenes, and thought that was what everyone meant by the extended editions. Come to find out, the extended editions are an entire recut of the films??? Imagine my joy watching the films, 20 years in, and getting entirely new content!
I particularly love the extra BoromiFaramir scene after the retaking of Osgiliath, but really, every part of watching these films felt like seeing the movies wholesale for the first time.
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2021.09.19 19:59 Ghost-Quartet Switzerland's Next Top Model Episode 2 Photoshoot: Mystic Waters In Pairs

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2021.09.19 19:59 LeopardPatronus When to purchase study material?

Hello, I've been trying to find the answer to this but can't seem to locate it - sorry if it's been asked before.
I'm 31 and have been out of school for 9 years working in the field and I'm ready to sit down and get my CPA. I'm 99.99% sure I meet the qualifications to sit, but of course have reservations that they may come back and tell me I'm missing something.
Do I submit my application and transcripts and wait for the NTS, and simultaneously pick up a Becker course and begin studying? Or, do I wait until I receive the NTS before I purchase my material?
I'd hate to buy the material and have to do another semester at school but also don't want to receive the "all-clear" and need to select my exam dates before I have study material in hand. Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.19 19:59 gordonbelesadam Beni niye sevmiyorsunuz lan

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2021.09.19 19:59 skratpa noodle tf2

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2021.09.19 19:59 Particular_Tune5566 I need members for my team i don't care about mp just be active

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2021.09.19 19:59 hagr ich_iel

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2021.09.19 19:59 PramodRamnath Looking for people to photograph (mostly for free)

Budding photographer here. IT professional by day, shutterbug by night. Have been shooting some portraits. But mostly landscape photography and street photography to satiate my hobby. I do however wish to transition to a more semi professional setting in a year or two. And I would like to work with people (couples and aspiring models etc.) to learn to work with people. I do not have a fancy studio. But I'd love to meet up in the city and take a wide variety of shots (only in public locations). I will charge gas and a small dinner fee. Mostly around $20 to ensure I don't go hungry. Lol. So mostly free, not fully free.
Note: I will share some of my work in the past year to give you an idea of how I compose my shots and so on, in case you wish to know if I'm worth your time. I have fantastic full frame gear that'll ensure I get optically great results. However, I am still a learning photographer. Which means the results may not be pro level! Just don't go about not booking a wedding photographer lol! Please have that in mind if you ever request my service.
Again, for folks with no budget this a great opportunity. I will have full discretion on accepting or declining clients, as long as I'm comfortable.
Hope to get some eager folks so I can build good portaiture experience! Cheers!
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2021.09.19 19:59 cools880 Underdark science compound ideas

Hey all, I’m about to jump into the next part of my campaign which will put my players against a mad scientist who works for the necromancer bbeg (the scientist captured an NPC the players care about and is going to be doing experiments on him) Im really struggling to come up with the various buildings that they could find while going building to building searching for their friend. If you have any ideas for buildings, creatures or other cool finds that would make sense in this area I’d love to hear what you have!!
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2021.09.19 19:59 chesstutor Tales of Vesperia worth getting?

So I'm a huge fan of FF7 style of gameplay, combos of materias / Limit breaker gets me going.
I've looked into Tales of Vesperia and looks nice but just wondering for someone like me who
enjoys FF7 style of game, enjoy Tales of Vesperia, which came out more than 10yrs ago?

I also looked in Xenoblade Chro DE but I know there are lot of games under $20 that I haven't tried and worth trying before getting into $40 and up games so just looking into something under $20.

Also looked into Ni No Kuni 1
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2021.09.19 19:59 Lead-Silent I hate masterbation

I'm a Christian and so masterbation is a big no no but I do it anyway but I feel it eats away at my soul. I've gone to confession but sadly still continued so I will go again tomorrow repent and I hope and pray that I can overcome this terrible disease this plague even to the soul.
Please pray for me
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