Narita Boy – $16.89 (32% off)

2021.09.19 18:12 dekudeals Narita Boy – $16.89 (32% off)

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2021.09.19 18:12 iSimpForPokii Dyno or Carl Bot for reaction roles?

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2021.09.19 18:12 Collective1985 [Inv] Denied. The monkey's paw cannot be sued in any court of law.

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2021.09.19 18:12 DistantCrossing Just looked at the status of a long fic

Just checked the status of a long fic today, realized I was seventy pages in, single-spaced, and font size twelve after starting over. The word count is 34,000 words for a fic that was originally 270k words long! Oh and the font I'm using is called Merriweather, it's nice!!
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2021.09.19 18:12 Free_Swimming Beto O’Rourke plans Texas comeback in governor's race

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2021.09.19 18:12 Boat3000 If the world was ending in ten years what would you do in that time?

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2021.09.19 18:12 PressureReasonable Did you know there is a family of fish (Channichthyidae also called crocodile icefish) that have clear blood

"When bad things happen to good fish: the loss of hemoglobin and myoglobin expression in Antarctic icefishes" review paper by Bruce D. Sidell and Kristin M. O'Brien
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2021.09.19 18:12 fillswitch TIH human Squirtle

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2021.09.19 18:12 SupherAwphully Get it, right

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2021.09.19 18:12 Twellett I love that my daughter enjoys going to GenCon with me! I know a few years from now dad won’t be nearly as cool, but for now, I’m going to indulge her dice addiction and listen to her amazing stories for one-shots. Now to find a mini for her flail-wielding Tabaxi, named Safari.

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2021.09.19 18:12 YouPlantTube Niko Bellic deals with Roman Bellic being an annoying dick

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2021.09.19 18:12 Spazheart12 How do you not starve??

I am either just barely making my 22 hours a day or missing it by another hour and then having to add an extra day to my treatment. I finally am not driven crazy by the itching and discomfort of the first few days and now I’m either having to prolong my treatment or skip eating and drinking the things I love. It takes me an hour to sip my tea in the morning. I just don’t like chugging it. And I’m used to snacking all day. Now I’ve literally had days where I’m hesitating to eat, or just not, because it would put me over the time. And I am already 18-24 months of treatment I don’t want to extend it any more. How do you all manage this? I’m only right at the end of tray 1. I had wanted to go with traditional braces for these reasons and got convinced that Invisalign would be better. Also I’m prone to cavities and I’m super nervous about them. I’ve been careful to brush my teeth and the liners but I don’t know how I’m honestly going to keep this up for two years with how busy and chaotic my schedule is.
Any tips to help? Also I don’t want to come off totally ungrateful. I do hope that if I can figure out a better system I will be happier. But I love food and it’s just really been getting to me that I can’t just randomly eat a damn cookie haha.
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2021.09.19 18:12 bass1012dash Free image: spread.

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2021.09.19 18:12 40mesout Nexo is keeping my money will not give me back my money

So last month I heard about Nexo, and was excited to take advantage of their interest earning opportunities. I have accounts on coin base so I moved over some USDC coin into my new Nexo wallet. I had some savings in my regular bank account but I didn't want just to sit there and earn nothing for me so I thought I was being smart trying to earn interest on money that I have worked for for a long time and saved up.
I moved over approximately $19,000 in US DC. I looked on the Nexo site and was excited about the possibilities of storing some of my crypto assets as well to earn interest on those. When I tried to move some over it told me I needed to verify my identity first. Not a big deal… I have done that before with other crypto platforms so I went through the steps and it was very easy. However, after I did I get this weird message saying that interest learning opportunities are not available in my region. I was quite bummed out because I've heard so many great things about the service. No big deal… I figure I will just go ahead and move my funds in USDC back to coin base and figure something else out.
I initiated that transfer on the 28th of last month… And it has sat in a pending status ever sense. I am heartbroken as I need my money and I triple checked the wallet address before I initiated the transfer and it is correct. For some reason Nexo will not complete my usdc transfer back to my coinbase wallet. Nexo is ruining my financial life and my earning opportunities.
Nexo, are you guys just going to keep my money and never give it back!? Are you going to do the right thing and help me? Is there anyone out there that can help me?
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2021.09.19 18:12 Turki-s i mean i need to know how they make it

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2021.09.19 18:12 Vicioxis Help me find games that have this features: playable solo with one character, have a story, have a reasonably quick setup time (5 minutes or less)

I've been playing board games for like 5 years and I'm always looking for solo games and I usually find that you have to manage more than one character and it usually feels better to manage only one. Also, there are a lot of games that offer only a small adventure on repeat (for example Set a Watch or Proving Grounds). While they can be great, I'm looking for games that feel more like a video-game, where you manage your character and play a series of missions until you get to the ending, meanwhile there's a story that unfolds.
There are a couple games that fit perfectly in this category that I know, and that games are The 7th Continent, Tainted Grail and Arkham Horror: The Card Game and Marvel Champions.
Sure, there are other games that almost fit this such as The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth and Gloomhaven, but both have to be played with two characters and I prefer using only one of them.
So, to summarize, I'm looking for games that: - Are playable solo with only one character - Have a narrative campaign that unfolds, not just the same level over and over - Have a reasonably quick setup time (5 minutes or less if possible) - Bonus points if they are translated to spanish
Thank you, and I hope more people can read this post to find games they like!
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2021.09.19 18:12 MassEffectFan98 Meddl

Meddl leude, ich bin erst seit kurzem im Game , kann mir vllt hier jemand n link posten oder mir n Anlaufstelle geben um mich etwas weiter zu bilden im Drachengame
Geile Schwandsgrüsse
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2021.09.19 18:12 _Galakt1c Going dark.

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2021.09.19 18:12 learning_to_drive [Redwood City] A Reverse Of Shame

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2021.09.19 18:12 SeekingDiscounts_ Free Shipping on Any Order at Oriental Trading! Get Everything You Need For Halloween Fun!

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2021.09.19 18:12 RobTheBlob_ saw a tutorial and thought i would follow along

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2021.09.19 18:12 QuimmLord What does your first aid setup look like?

We're starting to get close ladies and gents! I've been starting to get all of the gear out and start checking over things. I currently have a hodgepodge assortment of first aid items, but it feels really bulky and honestly incomplete.
Just curious what everyone is bringing out with them? Are there any good prepackaged kits that are more directed towards backcountry skiing/ riding?
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2021.09.19 18:12 pasta8000 Dub Talk: Jujutsu Kaisen

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2021.09.19 18:12 SeekingDiscounts_ WD easystore 4TB External USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive – Just $89.99!

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2021.09.19 18:12 TylerBlevin my OnePlus buds are much quieter than when I bought them

what is the best thing to do? contact support and get the replaced?
and is there anything I can do without getting them replaced for now?
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